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    Belle x

    I’ve been dating this guy for a month. We’ve been speaking since June. Been out every week for a month, everything was going amazing, he’s organised all the dates been super keen to see me. Nothing but compliments and how much he likes me. I was happy with pace of dating. Saw him Thursday sat discussing how much he likes me, making plans for his birthday in November, talking about his family etc. Then on Friday he goes out with him mates and suddenly becomes distance and ignores me for 36 hours and now he feels the spark has gone and he can’t see a future. When I asked him to explain this he says he sees his friends and their relationships and doesn’t think that would be us. How can someone go from one day of saying how much chemistry we have to suddenly no sparks? He’s also admitted his got in whole head of the situation and feels like we’re at the point of being gf/bf I said personally that seems soon to me.

    Note he’s also never had a relationship or anything serious

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    It’s him and his issues, not you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done this before. Unless you’re incredibly young, there’s probably a good reason he’s never had a relationship before — that he doesn’t consistently maintain feelings (looks for excuses) and doesn’t actually want a real relationship. You’re dodging a bullet in that he clearly doesn’t know how to have one either and so will be learning on his first real gf, which is not a fun position to be in for the gf. You did nothing wrong and were getting to know him at a reasonable pace. Perfect for a situation like this, in that it still sucks but at least isn’t devastatingly painful when you learn his true character since you didn’t over-invest. Thank him for telling you and then move on.

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    Belle, I have a feeling it wasn’t him mate he went out with, but another girl..

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