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    Hi guys I’m trying to get a bit of understanding about this guy I was with.
    He was lovely,really caring and gave me so much attention,sometimes messaging me on two platforms at the same time.
    After about 3 months I noticed he started to change.
    He told me about his crazy ex girlfriends and told me he was texting other women,making me jealous but also twisting things he said ..saying he didn’t say them and re creating history so to speak.

    He then blocked me on WhatsApp but didn’t block me anywhere else.
    I deleted him off Facebook.
    After a week I messaged him on messenger.
    He replied
    “Don’t you think if I had wanted to block you everywhere I would of,i bet you are regretting your choices now,you really need to start behaving like a adult,that blocking was the final straw”

    I hadn’t done anything wrong,he was being awful to me and I if I asked him any questions he would get defensive.

    Then we had two weeks talking on messenger and he was initiating conversations etc
    I asked him would he unblock me on WhatsApp and he said no.

    I didn’t understand the logic of that.
    It was almost like that was my punishment.
    He knew I hated being blocked.

    Anyway I messaged him happy birthday ,he didn’t reply.
    Then a day later I asked was he ok.
    He responded “leave me alone,I want nothing more to do with you”

    So why didn’t he block me everywhere ?
    Why did he say that he didn’t block me everywhere for a reason?
    Why start speaking to me again to them say leave me alone.
    I don’t understand



    It’s mind games & manipulation please let him go you don’t want to end up like me he probably went back to his crazy ex like mines did & is just trying to string u along because mines was still texting me but blocked me on ig only to find out he is still in love with his ex after 5 years please move on u don’t want to be heartbroken like me



    What I don’t understand is why You are continuing to message him?!



    I feel like I’ve just been discarded so cruelly.
    Messed with and ditched



    I messaged him to try and understand what he is playing at.



    Have you actually met this man? I can’t tell what you mean when you say you were with him?



    Yes we were a couple for nearly 1 year.
    Been on holiday together.
    Spent a lot of time together.
    He told me his ex’s went crazy and he has a habit of turning women “crazy”
    I’m now the crazy one



    I hope these are posting



    God serious, you really want to be a doormat for clowns? I think you got the degree now.
    Any normal person can shake off crazy behaviour done by another person and move on. Why cant you? Just because he was sweet the first month? Right now you are a crazy ex to him, like all the others are as well. And he is telling another girl right now how his last crazy ex kept messaging him after he blocked her. You can do way better if you start to believe you dont deserve this kind of cr/appy treatment


    T from NY

    Maturity is learning not to seek rational answers from someone acting irrational. Self love means the MOMENT someone is mean to you, cruel, or acts irrational – you feel turned off, back off, and after getting over the initial shock and confusion – DONT CARE why they’re acting the way they are. You just know you won’t put up with it.

    Move forward and don’t even waste your time writing into forums about him. He doesn’t deserve another ounce of your energy.



    You have posted about this guy before right? The comment leave me alone sounds very familiar



    I posted about him around 5 weeks ago under a different name yes.
    After he initially blocked me.
    Not since no.
    That would be the normal reaction wouldn’t it.
    Just to be instantly tuned off
    Not questioning his behaviour but simply just being done.


    ANM Staff

    Yes, you had posted this topic.

    Please read the responses there, especially the post made by me (it’s the blue-colored text). I meant what I said there, and I still feel the same way.

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