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    Last June I met a guy.
    We started seeing each other,he was the perfect guy,so caring,gave me so much attention.
    Then almost overnight it was like the mask slipped.
    He changed totally.
    He told me he didn’t want to be “official” then started sleeping around.
    All that while texting me daily and meeting up with me.
    Then he changed his mind and started wanting more again.
    He would make me jealous constantly with stories of women after him.
    Then once again blew cold and started sleeping around.
    He invited me for a meal (date) then the day before cancelled.
    Last night he was with another woman having a meal with her.
    We had been texting all day then I asked what he was up too.
    He didn’t reply but 1 min later uploaded a pic of them both.
    Today he texted me all day as normal.
    Last week it was a pic of another woman on his sofa.
    It’s like he wants to hurt me isn’t it?



    It sounds like he has issues with himself, not you. And why would you care? He’s obviously a mess and can’t give to anyone right now. If a guy told me he was going to dinner with someone and then was having sex with others he’s be a faint memory really quickly. So why are you ok putting up with his ridiculousness?!!



    The only person hurting you is you- by continuing to play along with this guy…



    Ok, this guy sounds terrible. But you’re accepting crumbs. If one of your friends told you the guy they were seeing was doing this, what would you tell them? Probably to just cut him loose and move on. Why are you letting this guy have all the control?



    Why in the world do you allow someone to treat you like this? Delete, block, goodbye, NEXT!



    Definitely would dump
    This guy and not even give it a second thought


    T from NY

    I’m being completely serious when I say there is no advice to give here – only a question. How many times does this guy have to disrespect you before you realize you are his back-pocket girl, he’s a narcissist and you need professional support to develop some self confidence. No woman who loved herself would put up with this utter bs. I am NOT judging you! Just dearly encouraging you to stop focusing on a man who doesn’t deserve ANY of your time, and start focusing on yourself.



    Dump him.



    WHY do you keep posting about this???? You’ve been posting about this using many different names for something like a year!! The language you use is a dead giveaway every time.

    First you were seeing a woman, then you changed it to a man. You get the same advice every time but you keep posting so I believe at this point you’re just a fake who likes to get a rise out of people. Only someone really stupid and a glutton for punishment would keep dating someone who treated them like this.



    He is not hurting you. You are hurting you.


    ANM Staff

    Alice, some of our other posters have pointed out that you’ve posted here before. A lot.

    When a person posts in these forums over and over, bringing up the same topic, and showing zero growth, then our community starts to get annoyed at them. Our community collectively gets annoyed because they feel like their responses are being ignored. When that happens, I step in and try to redirect the situation. My hope is that I can nudge a person into having genuine and insightful interactions with the community. I’ve said it before: We want this to be a place where people can find clarity when they need it most.

    When a person is doing those things and also keeps posting and changing names over the course of a year, then that sends up a red flag. That’s what you’ve been doing, and it’s been going on for too long. That suggests that you’re actively trying to pretend to be a different person. It’s as if you’re fishing for some kind of response. I don’t have patience for that. I’ve told you this before.

    I think you’re a person who has a lot of questions, and I think you need help. I hope you find help, I really do. I don’t dislike you, I don’t hate you, but I just don’t think you should be here.

    Please stop posting here. Your time is spent better elsewhere, and our time is better spent on people who are willing to listen.

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