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    My ex fiancee contacted me 4 yrs after the fact that i ended the relationship due to him not being man enough to listen to his heart instead of others. But what im dont understand is he calls me out the blue and tells me about his breakup with a woman he loved but she never loved him and then starts talking bad about her to me and goes on and on, then he starts saying how he wish she was like me sexually as well as emotionally, (now im like thinking to myself) why would this matter to me when we haven’t been in contact for over for 4 years.so then he starts texting me daily then starts calling twice a week but manly at night, next thing out the blue he ask me if we were married would we be complete.then he starts flirting and saying dirty talk then ask to see me again. But this is whats crazy then i say again to myself why is he texting me out of nowhere like this again and calling now and then so i said to him why dont you call and text someone else, he says im still in love with my ex girlfriend so i tell him then why are you calling and texting me then. Then he act like we got cut off the phone one day but deep down i feel he hung up on me beacuse he noticed i was not acting like i wanted him back or wanted to sleep with him, since i told him about him hanging up now he dont call me and text like one thing to me a day…… wtf is the world coming too

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    I think he was just trying to get you to bed after all this time, to use you for an ego boost. You set the boundary of “not gonna happen, pal” so he’s put off.

    Well played. Keep him in your rear view mirror and floor it!

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