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    So my ex and I broke up at the beginning of the week. We didn’t really talk about what that meant for how we would go about seeing each other (because we have the same friends and go to a very small college where running into each other is unavoidable). Yesterday was the first time that we saw each other enough to have to interact. (to clarify, the relationship ended mutually with him saying that he didn’t see a future with me doing what he wanted to do with his life and me telling him I didn’t want to be in a relationship with an expiration date) So, when I saw him, I cordially waved (hard to smile with a mask lol) and he just started at me. We end up being alone long enough to have a conversation where he says, while he still doesn’t feel that we are right for each other he still loves and cares about me. All of that makes sense, but then he asked if we could be friends. Honestly I was so shocked that I said yes… does him wanting to be friends means there’s a hope for a future where it works out or is it selfish motive of him to keep me around until he’s ready to move on?

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    You are more interested in being with him than vice versa and because you realized this you were also in favour of breaking up. That was the best move to make. Now he asking to be friends because he most likely likes you and wants to stay friends. Thats all there is. You must decide if you can since you clearly still have hope. You both are young. He has a fair point of not wanting serious for now, so believe him and move on with or without his friendship

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    A year ago, I was exactly where your ex boyfriend is. I didn’t see a future with the man I was dating so we broke up. Because I care for him and enjoy doing activities with him, I wanted to stay friends, but had every intention of keeping him firmly in the friendzone and dating other men. My ex still wants more than friendship so we haven’t worked out well as friends yet.

    You need to believe him when he says he wants to stay friends. Just keep in mind that remaining friends will help him move on more easly. If you still have feelings for him, you could end up getting hurt and not being able to move on.

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    Never be friends with your ex
    This will take you nowhere very fast, You will get hurt

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