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    Back story is that a friend of a friend has been asking about me for almost a year. Apparently asking her to set us up. The timing wasn’t right for me as I wasn’t ready to date after my last relationship.

    Fast forward to now. I run into the guy at my friends party and we hit it off. It was like no one else was at the party but us. He kissed me good night and we ended up making out by his car. We exchanged numbers and scheduled a date. The whole week he barely texted me but did explain that he isn’t a phone guy and prefers face to face interactions. My friend is happy this is working out for us said that he told her about us having a date and that he was excited. Said date happens. It goes great he comes back to my place and we end up cuddling watching tv. My hand starts to wonder and he is into it. So I’m waiting for him to take the initiative and give the go ahead to move further. Doesn’t happen rubbing continued for a bit then he got up to use the bathroom. Was in there for a long time. Came out and was no longer hard. And couldn’t get hard again. We both end up falling asleep watching tv. When he goes to leave he gave me a crappy hug. I texted him to let me know when he got home. No response. I figured okay it was really late and he’s a bad texted ill reach out again later. I sent another text the next day saying hey hope you’re okay. Still no response.

    I dont understand what went wrong? What happened in my bathroom that made him no longer interested in me?

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    I know it’s a modern world, but I feel that you came onto him pretty strong for a girl he probably was looking to take seriously and not sleep with so soon. You rubbing onto him so obvious, could have change that impression of you, as you were doing all the moves. He went to the bathroom to calm himself down I suppose. Or could be a performance issue, or he may have a secret girlfriend?

    In any case, only he knows what caused this sudden shift of moods. You have texted him twice so now stop and give him some time to come back and hopefully open up about that night.

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    Verbally he wad the one hinting at wanting to hook up. And he mentioned that the last person he was involved with he had to end it cause she wanted a serious relationship and he wanted a relationship but less serious than she did. Like he’s not looking to get married and things like that. Which is where I am at as well. Idk like he seemed like a different a different person body language wise after the bathroom. And he didn’t immediately leave which I thought was a good thing. I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t care if we didn’t have a mutual friend and that I know we will have to see each other and that will be awkward. Also I did dig him.

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    You hv texted him. And he knows your intrstd. I feel you were the one to make all the moves and he just went along. You hv alrdy texted him twice and got no response. now all you can do is cross ur fingers and let him revert. If you send any more messages you will be chasing him. Let him revert.

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    So I just received hey sorry I been busy text. I kinda feel like my friend might have said something to him. We shall see if we go out again.

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    Okay well in that case if it’s not relationship or exclusivity you’re both after then you can plain just ask him what happened now that he has responded. Do update.

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    I agree with Natz. Don’t assume things based on him giving “hints.” It can be a little awkward to bring things up directly with someone you don’t know well yet, but better off not playing any games and just asking him. In the future, if a guy wants to hook up for the first time, he can initiate it or say it. Not because I think he should just because he’s the guy and women shouldn’t ever come on strong if they want to, but because in my experience if a guy wants something but can’t speak up about it or take the initiative in early dating, it means there’s other issues.

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    Noones that busy that they cant shoot off a quick brief message. I wldnt try to initiate anythng at this point not even a frank discussion unless he gets in touch. Its obvious hes holding back. Let him come to you.

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    he wasn’t busy , he was just ignoring you, as you as you reply ,he will stop replying again. I don’t know why you texted him hope you got home ok, it should have been him texting you…

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    He might have ED issues- was he older?

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    Sounds to me like he had an upset stomach. That was why he didn’t want to go any further. Maybe nervous or perhaps something he ate. But he might be embarrassed and think it was painfuly obvious. I have a nervous stomach and if I pushed someone away and ran to the bathroom and stayed in there a long time, I would think it was obvious what happened and be humiliated.

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