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    Hi I’ll try to make a long story short .

    Ex that I had an on off relationship with asked me to meet up after I had s bereavement and I was apprehensive and said no because it was a toxic on off cycle but I still have feelings for him . Then then I asked him to meet up but the time didn’t suit and he said another time . He said he w couldn’t because he was going out . I didn’t hear from him and five days later I text saying it’s obvious we’re not going to meet up I’ve asked three times and you say another time etc . I said we should just block each other if we are not meeting up . I blocked and I fejt guikty snd emailed him twice unanswered saying I’m sorry for blocking it’s nothing personal etc . Then I saw him and I messaged him and we were two in and froing and eventually he told me he is seeing someone but he had only met her a couple weeks before .so basically the night I asked him to meet he met her ? I’m thinking if he really likes me or was interested in sorting things out he wouldn’t have got with someone else ? And then I’m half wondering did I mess up by not meeting when he wanted to ? But I had explained that I was recovering from the death and then I asked him to meet up a couple of weeks later and he pushed it out but we were prob never going to meet anyway 🤷‍♀️

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    @Sillyoldfool – please don’t post under another name. We know it’s you again.

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    He doest want to meet. Pls stop chasing him.

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    I think Jenny accidentally posted her email instead of her name, so admin may want to edit or delete that?

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    ANM Staff

    Thx Maddie!

    @Sillyoldfool – You’re welcome to discuss your questions, but yes, please stick with the same pseudonym. The community here is in-tune with a lot of the questions asked, and they recognize when the same situation is brought up — but when they see a name change, it makes people become suspicious of the OP’s motives.

    But that said, I do hope that you find clarity. Good luck!

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    Liz Lemon

    Sillyoldfool, I don’t think I responded to your other thread, but I did read it.

    You did not mess up. You’re right, if he truly wanted to sort things out with you, he wouldn’t have gotten with anyone else. We’re talking a couple of weeks here, not years, so the fact that he got with someone else so quickly means he wasn’t truly interested in being with you.

    Anyway this guy is toxic and sounds like a terrible person, you’re much better off letting go of him! As everyone in your other thread keeps telling you. Please go re-read the good advice on your other thread.

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    Back and forth usually means both are not willing to be really in or out. Not sure why you would think he really wanted to be with you if you are connecting if it has been half a$$ed before. This is bringing out the worst in both of you. Just stop.

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    Hey Maddie, thanks for catching that and Moderator, thanks a lot for fixing.

    Sillyoldfool, this guy is a loser and seems to enjoy torturing you. There may or may not be another woman, you know that right? The worse he treats you, the more you chase him. He loves it. He thrives on it. If he didn’t, he would just stop responding to you. I read your other post. He was never serious about you and never will be. The faster you can get your head around that, the better off you’ll be. But the problem isn’t really him, it’s you. The expensive course you’re taking on healthy relationships, I hope it teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with yourself, because you don’t and that’s the real problem here.

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    @Silly, This is a pattern for you… You’re now doing it here.

    Again, I’m curious why you reposted this (under a different handle) when you got such great advice before…

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