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    I met a guy back in 2018 at my cousins wedding. He’s 7 years older than me and lives in New York. I on the other hand live in the Philippines. After the wedding, we added each other on Facebook and started following each other on Instagram. This is actually how we got close, throughout 2018 and 2019, he would reply to my stories and we would talk from there. I didn’t really take him seriously though because at that time I knew he had a girlfriend and the different time zones. In 2020, he started to really compliment my photos and liked every single one of them. He really tried starting conversations with me but I ignored. I found out he no longer had a girlfriend but I was dating someone. Fast forward to 2021, he kept messaging and I found him extremely persistent. I went through a series of unstable relationship and thought that maybe I should give this guy a chance. I started replying and we ended up talking everyday for 3 months straight. Nothing physical ever happened between us but we got really close and it felt like it was going to evolve and become something serious. He stopped messaging me for 3 days straight and went to California. When he came back I questioned why he didn’t tell me and I did get mad that he didn’t message even if I was just expecting a conversation for seconds but he Instagram storied over 30 times during his stay there. He was initially sweet when he came back but ignored my feelings when I sent him a long message and I guess he was turned off by the whole situation. Days later, I asked where we stood and he asked if we could just stay friends. He started commenting me again on my Instagram stories, calling me beautiful. I didn’t know how to respond so I just ignored that reply. Two weeks passed, he posted a photo of a girl and a new puppy. It said that they adopted one together. I also remember the girl, she was with him in California and it did make me feel really bad after seeing that photo. A dog to me is something serious and I don’t think after two weeks of dating something like that would happen. She’s also 11 years younger than him. I do need an outside perspective on this. I’m going to California next year and we talked about meeting each other then. I don’t know what to do about this and I’m losing sleep overthinking about it.

    He’s a Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Nurse and informs me about his work struggles. He said the reason why he didn’t reply to my long message is because it felt confrontational and he has to deal with people dying at work. The guy is 32 years old, I’m 25 and the new girl is 21.

    He did inform me that he likes me multiple times and we were discussing about a future together. He invited me to live with him and we did do video calls.

    Should I still be open to seeing him once I’m in California?

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    If he’s dating someone else, then no as that would be disrespectful to the lady he is with knowing what your agenda for going is. If he’s single, then call him up and go from there.

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