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    I never thought I would be writing this here. I met a guy at work who pursued me for a couple of months before I finally came along. We exchanged numbers and were kind of work spouses, lunch break dates, lots of emailing. He would call me multiple times a day, show up at my house to surprise me, we went on a few dates. I was not serious at first, and I was leaning toward friends with benefits. However, a month or so in he asked me to be his girlfriend. About a month after that we started saying I love you. We saw each other every day, the sex was amazing, and we agreed that we were both a little obsessed with each other. This went on for just about five straight months. I never had to think about his feelings for me because I didn’t have any space to worry. He was just always around, either calling or sending me pictures or visiting. BUT something has changed! First he had the flu, then he had food poisoning. I left the job where we met, and then he left one week later. And since then, he still calls, but he’s different. I know he is very busy, he has his own business and has a two year old son. Is he just getting comfortable with me? I haven’t seen him since Monday. He’s supposedly coming to see me tonight, but like I said, before he was constantly around. I never had to chase him or wonder about us. And I don’t like this insecure feeling. I don’t want to chase him. I came on here to read around and get some advice. Before I met him, I was running a lot. I think I ought to tie up my running shoes, though I don’t really feel like it!

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    I don’t think you need to start running again, I do think you need to get your own stuff/life going again…

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    I think you’re the one getting too comfortable. Comfortable with how he’s always the one coming to you. While this is great at the beginning, eventually you will also have to show initiation on a few things. Secondly, he may well be chatting up with someone else. It’s a possibility he’s at the relaxed stage too, because everything has moved quickly.

    I hope he does come see you so you guys can have a discussion. Tell him about the gut feeling that something is off between you. Talk about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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