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    Emotional connection is a key.
    I’ve just read about Eva Braun and Hitler’s relationship and felt the need to post about it. He is a monster – no need for discussion. Eva tried to commit suicide 3 times and their relationship was messy. She was unhappy. However, she ended up living with him and being his number one. He was furious at Goebel’s wife for offending Eva. He wanted not to have anything with her but she “won”.
    I don’t want to dissect their relationship so let’s now talk about it I just wanted to give an OTT example. I know there’s one ingredient in relationships and one tactic that’s I don’t see and understand . We’re back in 2019 and I see guys not knowing to do, think when there is someone who is (I’m guessing) “You’re my everything, I love you unconditionally”. Some guys see this attitude oh she loves me so much how can I leave her, she’s always there for me.
    I have no idea what it is but I see such examples. They become quite a solid item and woman gets her guy. How do such women make it happen? By being vulnerable? By sheer determination? I simply don’t understand such dynamic so can’t express myself properly. Don’t tell me it’s a miserable process, I know it. I’d just love to understand how women win a guy over by giving desperate vibes. From doormat treated badly to ok relationship. With guy knowing he has all the power and somehow getting attached to her. No hate please.

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    Better off single

    Eva braun probably stuck around with Hitler out of fear. Not love.

    When a man finds a woman who “loves unconditionally” is a doormat or desperate, do you really think Some guys see this attitude “oh she loves me so much how can I leave her, she’s always there for me” ?

    Or “I can get away with murder being with this dumb broad. I can sleep around and she will forgive me and take me back. I can be physically and emotionally abusive and she will take it. I can hold this b×tch emotionally hostage and she won’t go anywhere. I’m f×king God to this woman. I feel so powerful. Imma keep her.” ?

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    You bring a valid point. Of course “our” imaginary guy isn’t a mass murderer. My friend convinced her boyfriend “no one will love you as much as I do” and given his non-existent family and he totally believed it. He brought this argument any time someone spoke negatively of her. There is no happy ending, they broke up eventually though. Other example with happy ending, a good marriage. My aunt’s husband joked/jokes “every time I threw her out the door she came back through the window”. I’d be furious. Facts are they turned out to be very compatible, family oriented, raising two kids and genuinely liking, loving and appreciating each other and having one of the best marriages for over 25 years and still going strong.

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    The perfect one for you will play the cords only you can hear. Some people want control, some want and need to be controlled….etc.
    No one size fits all in this game.

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    What on earth are you hoping to gain by spending your valuable time dissecting the relationship of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler and seeking to learn how women manage to hook their man with a desperate vibe??? SMH

    A weak person will often attract a person with a need to dominate and control. They feed off each other and in a twisted way meet each other’s needs. It’s not objectively a good or healthy relationship.

    You’re far better off studying healthy relationships if you want to be in one. Not this low vibe garbage.

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    Liz Lemon

    I totally agree with K that this isn’t the line of thinking you should pursue if you want a healthy relationship.

    You used the word “tricks” in your title for the thread. No good relationship is based on “tricks” or game playing.

    You also use the word “vulnerability”. I think you’re confusing vulnerability with weakness. Genuine vulnerability is necessary for a healthy relationship to grow. It doesn’t mean you’re a weak person or put up with an abusive/unhealthy dynamic. It means you’re being authentic and showing your partner your true self. There’s a huge difference between being in a relationship that allows you to be honest & vulnerable with your partner, and being in a relationship that exploits either person’s weaknesses.

    But overall I really think K is right– this isn’t really a healthy approach to thinking about relationships at all. You’re asking about relationships where the woman “won a guy over by giving desperate vibes. From doormat treated badly to ok relationship.” Does that even happen? I don’t know of any relationships where either partner was treated as a “doormat” and then something magically changed and now they are “ok”. Keep in mind that what people project publicly isn’t always what’s going on behind closed doors, either. People might project a good relationship to others but in reality be very unhappy as a couple.

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    Any woman who would be happy with (s)h!tler has a whole other set of issues…

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