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    I have been together with my bf for coming 5 months (he’s divorced with a 17yo daughter staying with him. His ex wife had an affair with her colleague and she walked out of the family many years ago).

    I would say things are progressing good though we have our differences in certain perspectives. We did have arguments but have talked things out. He took care of me well and is a sweet guy and expressed love in his own unique way.

    However, he’s unable to satisfy me when it comes to intimacy. I have just ended things with my FWB lately as I wanted to focus on my bf. I’m very tempted to look for my FWB again as he is able to satisfy my sexual needs. But I know I shouldn’t. I’m struggling internally. What should I do please?

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    I”m really questioning the reality of posts here lately.

    Would you want your BF bonking his FWB on the sly because you don’t satisfy him in the bedroom??!!

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    i think you know what is right and what is wrong. you have to decide now what you should be doing.

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    Talk to you BF

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    @Raven – In fact, I have talked to him about this issues a few times in a tactful manner so as not to hurt his ego and stuff. However, he always brush me aside and “pretending” not to hear me. Morally, I know I shouldn’t do this (look for my fwb). But I also have my needs. I felt that he always being able to “release” his tension but he frequently left me high and dry which I have been enduring it. I have wanted to seek advice from a love/sex therapist but he insists not to and does not see the need to.

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    @Jessie, it’s time for you to move on from this guy.
    He doesn’t satisfy you & doesn’t seem to want to…

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    if you have already discussed this with your bf, and he doesn’t want to even try, you are left with no choice but to start thinking on the lines of moving on. there is no future to this relation.

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    He’s already been cheated on before. Either stop being tactful and tell him directly that this issue is serious enough for you that it’s a dealbreaker if he’s not going to address it, or break up with him before you cheat. If he won’t do anything about your concerns then that makes him a bad partner to you and this relationship doesn’t work, but it doesn’t mean he deserves to be cheated on.

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    You can’t just date the pieces of someone you like and ignore the parts you don’t like. You’re sexually incompatible and it’s a dealbreaker. Game over. Break it off. There’s no justification for cheating on him.

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    Thanks all. I know what to do now.

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