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    I’m in a sexless marriage for 5 years. Why not divorce? Have two really young kids.

    So this is happening very recently. I went by to see an open house and talked to a Neighbour. He is very friendly and informational. We have a sit down talk for one hour but mostly about the neighborhood real estate history. He did ask my number twice ( with a bit funny way ) but I didn’t pick up. I basically don’t think I’d have anything with him !

    Upon leaving, he gave me a card and told me he was personal trainer but not doing this any more. I thought he was asking for business. But after I texted him he told me no he is attracted to me and wants to make love.

    Okay. Maybe doesn’t sound odd to you. But I’ve never done that! Maybe this Covid-19 drives me crazy or the boredom or the sexless life pushes me to see him. He, forcefully took off all my dress and kissed all over my body. I refused the oral. for me, oral is more intimate than sex. We did, at least use condom. I’m a D/D phobic.

    To be honest, I was told he is single( should be. His place looks like so) What he does what’s his name( if the one told me is fake or not) I had no clue.

    I miss the touch l, caress, kiss so much. It makes me feel so good that a man admires your body. But I don’t know should I call him FWb or just a fxck buddy.

    Part of me want to quit and block him, my body doesn’t.

    I didn’t tell him my marriage. Sorta insinuating this is crazy because he doesn’t know me, my marriage , my jobs. I don’t know if this is enough hints or what he thinks. If just for fun , why tell

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    Do. Not. Fu*k. Your. Neighbor.

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    Silly,even with 2 young kids,to stay in a bad marriage. Stop having an affair/sex with other guys and either get marriage therapy with your husband to fix this,or get divorced. The neighbour is most likely taking advantage of/using you.

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    T from NY

    No one is using another adult who is consenting and participating. But you are putting your family at risk by exchanging fluids with someone you are not in an exclusive relationship with during a pandemic. I don’t care how loveless your marriage is (been there, done that) it NEVER excuses lies and cheating.

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    Excusing your cheating behavior because of a sexless marriage has a “ME” mentality written all over it.

    What you’re doing & have done is gross. If your marriage is so bad, get couple counseling to fix it or file for divorce. You don’t prance around pretending to be faithful with to your husband while you’re scr*wing around with your neighbor, that’s called deceit and narcissism.

    You took vows with your husband, if you can’t honor them then divorce. He deserves to be with someone who isn’t playing with the neighbor.

    You say you have two really young kids so you can’t divorce? That has nothing to do with it, you’re just making excuses. Sounds like you want the security of your marriage but want to fool around on the side. That’s disgusting.

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