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    Hi, my name is Skye and I live in Florida. My boyfriend lives in Canada, and we have been together for 3 years. The only problem is that we haven’t met yet because we keep on running into different problems.
    The first time, it was because he lost his job.
    The second time, it was because he had to go to court and couldn’t leave the country until he was proven innocent that he was paying child support to his ex. (He was proven innocent.)
    The third time, he was denied days off by his new boss.
    And now this time around, he had finally gotten to the airport and right when he got to the ticket person, he asked for his tickets, no problem. He asked to see his passport, got it. Then, he was asked to show his travel visa, an ESTA and our hearts broke because Canada never had to do that before. Now I am heartbroken and nobody else is understanding enough to console me. Everyone wants me to break up with him. But why should I? They don’t know him like I do…
    So I have to ask, what should I do now? Every possible setback that could happen, has happened and I have no idea what to do…

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    Why did he need an esta? Why don’t you visit him? Are you sure he is not catfishing you?

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    “They don’t know him like I do…”
    You don’t really know him- You’ve never met…

    Have you given him money?

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    This guy isn’t your boyfriend!! You’ve never even met him and these excuses all seem really off to me!

    Have you ever actually seen him? Even on facetime or something?

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    Liz Lemon

    Is he a Canadian citizen? ESTA is not required for Canadians to enter the US. Neither is a visa. Google it.

    His excuses all sound very fake.

    Three years is a long time to waste on someone you’ve never even met! I think you should end it and find someone who lives closer to you. And don’t trust people that you meet online that you have never met in person.

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    I thought what he was saying sounded off, so out of curiosity I googled it like Liz suggested.

    This was the first item to pop up:
    Canadian citizens do not need an ESTA to travel to the USA. There is a special agreement between the US and Canada, similar to a Canada visa waiver, which allow citizens of both countries to travel easily between the two without the need for a visa.

    So now you know these “obstacles” are just lame excuses. Time to dump his lying behind!!

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    Yeah,you are being scammed by a time waster. He is not a” real” person, he is not who he pretends to be,he is married,has a girlfriend etc. He always has an excuse in 3 years that keeps him from meeting. Unh uh. I am guessing you suggested going there and he put you off of doing that either.
    I think you should end this right now because I am sure you will continue to get strung along.If you really think there is a chance this is real-tell him that if he has not come to meet you or arranged for you to meet him,by the end of Janurary 2020,that you are done. This is silly. Never get into a “relationship” again with someone that lives more than a couple hours away( at most) and meet them within 2 weeks of messaging. You are being taken for a ride here.

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