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    So this guy I’ve been sleeping with, everytime we have sex and he “gets off” he moans and practically screaming when he orgasims. It last at least 30 seconds and its honestly not very attractive. At first I thought it was just him having a good time but we’ve been seeing each other a while now, and sometimes he gets so loud it almost sounds like it hurts… there have been plenty of times I was gonna ask him if he’s ok, but then I caught myself cuz I don’t want to embarrass him.

    I just nervous to bring it up to him because I don’t want to embarrass him, so I guess my question is, is this normal? Could something be medically wrong with him? All the other people I’ve slept with never acted like this. He is 42 and im 28.
    How can I bring this up to him without him getting embarrassed?

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    Men and women make all kinds of noises during sex.
    Imagine if you were the one making noises and he told you its not very attractive.

    How would you feel about it?
    Does he seem embarrassed by the noises?

    And if you tell him what are you hoping to achieve?

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    If you dislike this? I dont think its fair to mention this to him as its not exactly something he can control.

    Either accept him, or leave him.

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    I wouldn’t like this one bit!

    But agree with the others- Mentioning wouldn’t do much good, if anything…

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    If a woman was so deeply in love with this particular guy, and say they married and planned a family and a future, that particular woman might find the screaming endearing.

    If it turns you off, means he’s not “the one”.

    Additionally, during sex, we don’t have to utter the same words every night. There should be such a rotation of sexual endings, in a healthy thing.

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    I think some of the ladies here have never dealt with a similar situation before lol….OP, I totally hear you. I had one particular sexual partner that I only remember for one thing, to this day, and that is the ridiculous and prolonged screaming sound he made when he would finish. I was so taken aback by it when it happened I didn’t know what to do, but it was so loud I actually thought he woke the neighbors. It was a HUGE turn off for me as well. I actually never saw him again, not because of that, it definitely don’t think I could have listened to that every single time if we kept sleeping together.

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    I also like to scream during sex :)

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    Is there any one around to hear it?

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