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    This guy I like has been kinda flirty with me. For example, he touches me a lot (on my hand, shoulder, even on my knee once), has given me compliments, asked about who I am living with, etc. And he also started giving me hugs. Only thing is, the last time he hugged me he was patting my back. I thought that means the person wants to END the hug?! Is this a mixed signal or am I reading too much into it?

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    Is this the Dr. again?

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    Liz Lemon

    LOL, good catch Raven!

    OP, are you the person who keeps posting under different names, about her doctor supposedly hitting on her? You’ve received a lot of responses about that already.

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    Yes, you are reading too much into this. The answer is that it doesn’t mean very much at all.
    If you want to ask What does it mean when a man does something like touches the small of my back or caresses my face, the answer is Not much, stop reading into it.

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