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    hello beautiful souls I need advice

    I recently started talking to a guy who lives in an other city, exchanged a few texts followed by a phone call ( this was 4-5 weeks back) and then light texts and then after few weeks he asked if we could video call.

    Decided a time based on my availability. But an hour before the scheduled video call I texted and checked if he is still up for it got a reply that its lil late for him and he suggested the consecutive days, we agreed but then after that there is no communication.

    I know he has some serious family things going on. But I am also not ready to be treated as an option and this felt disrespected. My take on this is I am not initiating any conversation but if such people come back what should my response be…

    My Question: I need advice on how to make my point and not be rude, if he texts me in future?

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    You are putting a lot of meaning into someone you don’t know and lives elsewhere. Disrespected, treated as an option? Whoa … this man lives elsewhere. He either shows up or he doesn’t and you simply decide if you want to engage or not as the boss of your life. If you don’t like it, simply don’t respond or say… I have chosen to look closer to home, best of luck!

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    “My Question: I need advice on how to make my point and not be rude, if he texts me in future?”

    Why are you worried about being rude?
    This guy isn’t worth the space you’re giving him.

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    do women still believe in guys having family issues ? and trying to justify someone’s behaviour based on their family issues? really?
    Most likely he is a catfish unless you have already video called him before. 4-5 weeks and he is not scheduling a date, then you are wasting your time texting this man.

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    if he doesn’t connect then that’s that. don’t bother move on.

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    Liz Lemon

    I agree with the other posters. There are a lot of time wasters online. A guy who is serious about meeting up will do it, period. He won’t flake or make excuses.

    If this guy contacts you again (big if), honestly you can ignore him. No response will say more to him that any words you can say. But if you want to reply, like Tallspicy said, just tell him you decided to connect with guys closer to home and wish him luck. No need to spend a lot of time or mental energy on this guy.

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    He already showed he is not deserving to be in your life. Let him go.

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