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    I’m seeking opinions on open relationships from people who have actually been involved in an open relationship. I’m mainly just curious as I’ve had discussions about them recently with more than one friend who is in one. I’m not in one and don’t believe I want to be in one, but the concept is intriguing and I’m curious as to how it works.

    What I’d like to know (from people in or who have had an open relationship) is: How did you come to have that type or relationship and how long did it last? Was it your idea, your partner’s idea or was it mutual? What did it look like…did you have multiple “relationships” or just date other people besides your partner on occasion? What were the “rules”? What were some of the issues that came up and how did you work through them? What were some of the most positive things about it? Did it ever stop being open and transition to a one on one exclusive relationship? Would you do it again?

    Of course, anyone who wishes can comment but I probably already know many of the reasons why people who have never had an open relationship wouldn’t want one. I’d really like to hear from those with first hand experience, as my friends seem reluctant to talk much about it (we’re not all that close and apparently, they’ve experienced a lot of judgement from others who found out).

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    It’s not my scene personally but I’ve had several friends in the past who were living that life. I only saw one doing it successfully because of the rules in place and complete absence of jealousy. With the others, jealousy got in and caused resentment and eventually break-ups.

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    I would never open one of my relationships. But in saying that I was involved with a man that was in a one. We dated for 18 months. Every couple has their own rules, there are no general rules for one. I guess the only one would be that it’s imperative that both people are on the same page.

    Lots of people seeking this kind of thing online, there is a lot of judgment around it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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