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    Hi. I know this is such a stupid thing but I’m just curious.
    I just want to hear your opinion.

    So I broke up with my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago.
    We follow each other’s instagram and are friends on facebook.

    We’re still friends on facebook but after the breakup, I unfollowed him.
    Because he post things on facebook quite a lot and I didn’t even want to see his name.

    He wasn’t checking and posting his instagram since June.
    So I didn’t really do anything.

    But suddenly last week, he started checking instagram again..
    He saw my instagram stroy and liking my pictures.

    He’s been also liking other people’s post as well so I’m sure this means nothing.
    Maybe he’s just being friendly or something. Maybe he just genuinely liked my pictures.

    But I personally think the couple, at least for a few months after the breakup, should keep the distance.
    I mean yes. This is just social media and doesn’t mean anything.
    But just how could he think this is okay when he knows i’m trying to move on?

    Our breakup wasn’t that messy. We just broke up and decided to remain as friends.
    But we didn’t talk since then.

    Anyway it’s just getting so annoying so I blocked him today on instagram.

    So I’m just curious.
    Do you or your ex put “like” on the other’s social media after only a few weeks of breakup?
    Is this normal or my ex has just lack of moral?

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    Sweetheart, he is probably missing you.

    Even when you break up and have to let the person go you still miss them. You might not want to get back together, but you still miss them. How do you not understand this?

    There is no lack of morals here, drop your arrogant dress missy. LOL.

    If it makes it harder for you to move on, ask him not to do that and give him a courtesy of explaining why.

    Be nice girls, be nice to others if you want them to be nice to you.

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    Thank you for your comment.
    I really appreciate it.

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand that.
    I miss him. I want to contact him so bad.
    I thought of contacting him many times.

    But what if he misses me, why can’t he just message me?

    We didn’t break up because one of us did something wrong.
    It wasn’t just working so I just needed to walk away from him.
    And he knows how hard it was to me…

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    OP (HYS) you wrote: “We just broke up and decided to remain as friends.” and then “Do you or your ex put “like” on the other’s social media after only a few weeks of breakup?
    Is this normal or my ex has just lack of moral?”

    Aside everything, I just want to point out, if you decide to “remain as friends”, how he liking your pictures is a lack of moral?

    if you dont want to stay friends, dont agree to it

    or what did you think when you decided to remain as friends? what did you mean by remain friends? do you block friends?

    social media contact is also a form of communicating

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    Yes. I want to stay friends with him that’s why I said yes.
    But at the same time i did also told him it’s not going to be easy.
    And it’ll take time to see him as a friend.

    If he really understands that I need time to move on and shift our relationship to a friendship, why would he do this?

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    sorry to beeing harsh, but:
    1. maybe he is missing you


    2. he understands, but he doest feel it the same way… he would be not too affected by you liking his pictures, like you are affected by him liking your pictures… he thinks he is a “good friend” to you, becuase he is not contacting you, but he likes your pictures

    he is not feeling, what you are feeling

    anyway, you will see what your blocking will do to him

    you are very passive-agressive

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    This is so ridiculous. He is being a friend . Isn’t that what you agreed to? If you can’t handle him liking a silly post, then just delete him and move on with your life. No one here knows what he is thinking even though crazy Emma seems to think she does,

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