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    I have this guy friend I text and I think he might like me. Just to be clear, I don’t really want him to like me; I am perfectly content with friendship and our age difference is 9 years.
    In this last text messaging session, towards the end, I told him I like when he uses the phrase ‘such is’. He always will end statements by saying, “But such is life” or “Such is work”, and I told him I like it.

    He said, “Do you actually like it? Or is it just funny?”

    I said, “No, I actually like it lol. It makes me smile for some reason.”

    Him: Well if it makes you smile that makes me happy. You have a wonderful smile and I like making people smile.

    Me: A lot of people say that! I always wonder why because I don’t think my smile is anything above average, but thanks! I like making people smile too.

    Him: You really do have a brilliant smile.

    Me: Oh, brilliant is a nice word

    Him: Well it fits your smile

    Me: Well…thanks then

    Him: No need to thank me for saying the truth

    Me: How do I say it?? I accept the compliment.

    Him: that works lol

    Like I said, I don’t really want him to like me. He’s my friend and so it’s kind of awkward when he compliments me this way repeatedly. Yes, repeatedly. I would understand a once-in-a-blue moon ‘I really like your smile, Tay’, but he has given me several smile compliments in the past three months. And, in one conversation, he told me not to worry about finding a man to marry, saying, “Trust me, you won’t have any trouble finding a guy. You are a pretty girl.”

    Any help is appreciated.

    – Tay

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    If you don’t want him to “like” you, stop fishing for compliments and giving him mixed signals. You like the attention, you drink it up.

    Maybe stop texting with him.

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    Yup, stop engaging with this guy. It’s

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    if you think he’s flirting than why are you fishing for more compliments? keep it friendly and casual and don’t reciprocate when you think he’s flirting with you.

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    This seems like a regular friendly conversation. It actually seems like you are both just bored to keep this rambling going. I think you are way overthinking it. Seems like a conversation two bored friends are having.

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