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    Hi everyone. I am single and a few weeks ago while out with friends a guy gave me his number. He could not be less mg type. There is a sizable age gap (which is fine for a lot of people – no judgment from me – it’s just not my personal style), we are socially very different and he could not be further from what I would refer to as “my type” physically. Nonetheless I did find him intriguing and smart and I was a big fan of his big personality so I texted him a few days later. We hung out one time and he texted me a few times after but – even though I had a good time – I was short in my responses bc of what I said above about what I deemed our lack of compatibility – and he eventually got the hint. That was two weeks ago or so. I’ve thought about him a lot since and today for some reason I just can’t get him off of my mind! I texted him a hello/check in type of text and he replied back immediately and we “chatted” a bit. I can’t help but wonder if this is my brain playing tricks on me though as I am a *master* self saboteur when it comes to relationships. I typically run to the things that aren’t good for me and away from the things that are but typically the things that aren’t good for me are the players/guys who are only interested in one thing – and that really doesn’t seem to be this guy. I’m over analyzing, yes, but I really can’t put my finger on what it is about this guy that has me feeling this way and I certainly don’t want to be fickle or inadvertently mess with his head. He’s just not at all my typical go to kind of man! Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    What is the age gap?

    What are the compatibility issues??

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    Hi Raven,
    He is more than 19 years my junior and I’m a bit more conservative than he is. I drink but I don’t smoke or do drugs – he does (weed, but still a difference nonetheless.) I’m pretty type A (I need to be with my crazy schedule) and he is much more lax than I am. Those are the biggest differences (in addition to the fact that he’s not someone whom I’d describe as my typical “type” physically. I’m interested obviously so I guess I’m not too caught off guard by that part but that’s an absolute difference from my norm.) Thanks for taking the time to respond by the way.

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    I think 19 years is a sizable age gap. different personalities is not such a big issue. Sometms we just enjy spending time with a person regardless of the fact that our interests and thought proceses are very difrnt.

    I think if you enjoy interacting with him you shld stay in touch and meet up occasionally. Like you wld with your other frnds.

    However in terms of having a relationship, the differnces along with a 20 yr almost age gap may be a big hindrance.

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    Oh my goodness I’m so sorry – that was a typo and I completely missed it. He’s more than 10 years my junior, not 19. Wow sorry about that!

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