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    Bill Curry

    My ex broke up with me 13 years ago. We drifted apart, and it was amicable. My long time girlfriend/life partner (10 years) passed away a few months ago. We were never ones to be on social media, but I have recently set up an account and saw that my ex has an account.

    Is it ok to send her a message just as a friend to see how things are going? I have no idea of her relationship status and I am not looking to rekindle anything, just reaching out as a friend.

    Would this be weird? and if not, would I state in the message, I am not looking for anything so she doesn’t get the wrong idea.


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    Sure, message her…

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    I actually did this recently!
    I found an old boyfriend on Facebook and I messaged him:

    “Hi Michael. Just stumbled across your page on here. So what have you been up to for the last eleven years? 😂
    Give me a call if you’d like.
    It would be nice to catch up and see how you’re doing.”
    I left my phone number at the end.

    He sent back a laughing emoji and gave me a call the next day. And it was nice! Since then we like/comment occasionally in each other’s pages.

    I agree with Raven. Go ahead and message her!

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    I don’t think you should text her if it’s not important. The fact that you are questioning if it would be weird, means that it will be weird, otherwise, you wouldn’t have sought advice. Sometimes Exes should just remain in the past, where they belong.

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    I’m sorry for your loss, I can imagine it’s tough for you right now. Just make sure you understand your intentions. If it was amicable, go ahead, send her a message! Keep it light and friendly.

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