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    So I’ve been talking and hanging out with this guy for a while and this morning he posted two quotes online in which one was about not having trust issues because people will cheat if they want to and the second one was about not letting one thing ruin your entire day. He got cheated on in his last relationship so I have a feeling that something recently happened with his ex because why else would he post those quotes out of nowhere? Do you think he’s still not over his ex because I don’t wanna continue if he’s still thinking about her.

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    Michelle Cohen

    YIKES – that is pathetic and sad that he is passive aggressive and posts things like that, seriously.

    Who the heck knows, this is a waving red flag to stay away on a lot of levels

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    I’d stay away from this one altogether. Nothing healthy can come of it. And posting passive aggressive updates? Juvenile.

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    I don’t see any harm in those quotes. Maybe he was just having an off day? People do have bad days and try to see the silver lining which seems what he’s trying to relay. How long ago was their breakup? That to me would be more important than some quotes one randomly posts.

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    In my experience of 14 years on Facebook the quote posters are usually permanently unhinged. Or temporary unhinged. I’ve never seen any normal well adjusted person post any of these kinds of quotes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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