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    We just got off the phone, and he wants to come make dinner for us. He’s got the whole meal planned out, I asked if I could help in any way and he insisted he’s got it all covered. However we’ve never done this before. He offered once and we set it up, but I had to flake because of family reasons. He was clearly disappointed that evening via text and his call the next day, but was understanding.
    Ah I’m excited, but I will try to remain on focus and ask him what he wants.
    Wish me luck ladies and gents! :)

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    Let us know how it goes & if this was a ‘real’ date…

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    Why is he not taking You out?!

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    He’s been super precautious about the whole Covid thing so he hasn’t wanted to go out in public much.

    lol definitely would go out if he wanted but I’m excited to have someone cook for me. ESP him of course lol.

    I’ll definitely update afterwards!

    Meanwhile I’m making the house perfect and taking a long bath to relax before he comes tomorrow at 6. Lol

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    Hey that’s good news, good luck! And preferred too, to have someone mindful about health and safety.

    Definitely confirm by the end of the night that it’s actually a “date” though. I’ve had an emotionally unavailable FWB act like all kinds of a playing-house bf while saying he wasn’t and… sure enough, he wasn’t!

    Have fun!

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    I’m definitely erring on the side of caution thinking that it’s not, but regardless I’m looking forward to it hehe.
    Been missing some companionship… ;) lol

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    Im not tired of hearing about mr queenie. This whole oh he is cooking just worries me you forgot what you wanted to know lol.
    We could all use a good love story here. And he clearly likes you a lot. But stil you do need to know how much. Just see if you can find a chill opening during the ‘date’.

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    Its important to stay yourself. If you have been indulging on selfhelp books and wichcraft voodoo sites you might be inclined to be different. I mentioned this on another post. Please dont lol

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    My question is, what will you do if he doesn’t love you the way you love him?

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    Do not have sex with him. This has a lot of red flags to me. Please get your head on straight about what you want from a relationship, not from him. Make him earn it and get clarity about the status.

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