I feel my anxiety will ruin my relationship.

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    I have got into a relationship with a guy I really like. He says he loves me and wants to be together. Last night he said we have a good connection. I am constantly hypersexual and he says that he gets exhausted and feels bad. We aren’t communicating much via texting or calling but when we are in person he gives me his full attention. He’s very charming and funny and pleasant to be with so a lot of women are easily attracted to him and that brings my insecurity out. Is like I cannot trust that he loves and cares about me even if his actions suggest otherwise. For example, if he says he’ll call and doesn’t I get the feeling he lost interest and this might get reflected on my mood when we get together although he tells me I’m an amazing girlfriend and loves spending time with me. I asked him if he minds me calling him some times and he said I can call him anytime but I’m not actually the kind of person who calls to check on people all the time and I’m not sure he’d want that. How can I keep my anxiety in check? It’s my first relationship and I really love him.

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    What are you doing to deal with your anxiety?

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    Hi Shelia – Is this the same guy that’s in rehab, as you mentioned in the thread you posted last week? Mentioning that situation would be very helpful for the community members to give you relevant advice.

    Also, please stick with the same name in the future! Changing names and posting a story that’s missing key details raises red flags with our community members. Sticking with the same name helps assure me that the situations you reference are your own, and you’re asking the questions from a place of good faith.

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    You’re always going to be anxious because he’s an addict and unreliable. Find someone not dealing with an addiction issue for a more stable relationship.

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