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    Last night I was extremely exhausted, so as I was texting with my boyfriend I told him I might go to bed soon. He agreed it was a good idea, so I went to bed around 9pm, which is very early for me. I was on my heaviest day of my period last night so I had to wake up every two hours to change everything out since it was so heavy. This morning I text my boyfriend a good morning text, and everything is fine until he asks what time I fell asleep. I thought that was weird because I told what time I was going to bed last night. When I reiterated I went to bed at 9pm his mood changed and he started interrogating me, telling me that he thought I was lying and he “wanted the truth”. At this point I am beyond confused because I was telling him the truth. He demanded “the truth” from me one more time and that is when I added I had to wake up in the night a lot because I was on my period. I asked him what was wrong because I was so confused and that is when he told me I shouldn’t worry about it because it was a misunderstanding, but he still sounded upset. I’m just confused because it sounds like when I would get on my phone while I was in the bathroom, he somehow knew and thought I was just lying to him? But there is no way he would know I was on my phone which is why I don’t know how he knew I wasn’t asleep the whole night.

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    Obviously there is something deeper going on. Not sure what advice you are looking for but I don’t think we can help with just that info.

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    Sounds like insecurity. It’s possible he knew when you were in the bathroom if you were on Facebook or another social media thing that tells the public you are “online”. My ex used to get crazy jealous seeing the green light near my name. It was his own guilt and insecurities that he was taking out on me. The majority of the time he’d see the little light I was asleep and had just forgotten to close the app. Tell your bf you need open communication and that you don’t understand where this mistrust has stemmed from.

    If you don’t have trust, your relationship will be doomed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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