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    A guy you’ve been casually dating for a few months says “I could fall in love with you?”

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    It means he could fall in love with you?

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    I would be flattered and say thank you. You guys have only been dating for a few months. Love takes time to grow and develop as you get to know a person with all their faults and strengths. He may be infatuated with you at the moment. It might not be love just yet.

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    Take it as a compliment but with a pinch of salt. What it truly means depends on the context and relevant details.

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    Eh… It doesn’t look good to me tbh. It kind of seems like he’s stringing you along.

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    To me, its him saying “there are things I really like about you, but not enough to make a commitment.” This would give me pause, and expect or anticipate he’s going to walk away without taking it further than what you have now.

    It also depends on where he is in life. Does he have his stuff together? If so then there’s nothing stopping him from falling in love. Is he going through a lot of problems or issues? If so, he may not be in a position to say them as those three BIG WORDS come with a lot of expectations that he may not be able to deliver upon, so he doesn’t.

    These are missed opportunities. When a man say’s something like that you immediately respond with “what do you mean you could fall in love with me?” and let him answer as he’s the only one who knows why he could or why he doesn’t—all we can do is speculate.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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