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    “There is something in my gut that does not click the way I hoped or thought it would so the only way to figure out why that is or what that is to keep doing this, talking to each other and figure it out”

    Backstory – long distance relationship for a few months, both consistently seeing each other exclusively for a few months (3) . After saying “I’m falling in love “

    ~ Maddie

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    More information please…

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    I don’t need any more information to say – he said there’s something in his gut that’s not clicking. That’s the end of the road right there. Keep talking to “figure it out”? NO! Why? Either you feel and know something works or not. You don’t need an explanation or analysis. This isn’t something that needs fixing.

    I don’t know about you, but I look at someone and I know how I feel about them. Yes is yes and anything less than that is a no. I”m not sure is a no. I don’t know what’s off here is a no.

    So he initially thought he was falling in love but now he’s reversed course for whatever reason OK, thanks for playing. Next! That should be your response. If you stick around, you’re going into convincing mode and you’re handing all the power to him. Don’t you want something who know he really really wants you? Anything less is meh. Thank him for his honesty. Walk away. That’s my two cents.

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    Hi Madison
    Hes pulling away. Men do that alot when they get scared. Its awful i know.

    My advice to you is do the no contact ignore his calls and texes. Go out with your friends for a bit of fun. Get distracted.

    Once he thinks hes loosing you he will step it up!
    Personally i dont like long distance relationships so start dating other men
    Youre not bound to him and you deserce someone that is around! Wish you luck and love!

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    Martha why in the world would you advice some one to ignore a guy so the guy that isnt all in will step up? Youre not alone in this but have you never asked why you would trick a guy into stepping up. Those guys will most likely disappear later on again. So the total sum is a waste of time. I would go for guys that are in, on their own free will. Im just saying this because these clichés sound good but are they?
    Go do other things though and have fun, for sure

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    Looks like he is trapping you with the exclusivity but not sure whether he is able to commit in the relationship.

    Agree with AngieBaby. Thank him for his honesty but you have the right to withdraw and meet a person that clicks. By staying with him, you enable him to take the lead in the relationship and its an early sign to emotional manipulation. I would see what he said as a red flag.

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    You gather exclusivity from that? Can you explain further in detail? And also what you mean by red flag?

    Thank you!

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    You used the word exclusive. For the rest, this is not a puzzle that needs solving. I think most responses here tell you he isnt sure about you and pulling back. And thats because he literally told you that. We are only repeating that. Your best source is the guy itself instead of playing scrabble here. You respond should be to stop trying and pull back yourself. Because the one thing you dont want is a man that isnt sure.
    Then there could be a lot more going on because your info is very limited. So who knows what more there is.

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