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    When he got jealous and ghosted me for 1 month. Every day I cried and wanted him to come back. Then I start to move on by accepting another guy into my life to heal my heart. I thought he will never come back to me.

    Even though I was not happy with the new guy I still try for a few months before I decided to break up. Then he comes back into my life after 3-4 months when I want to break up and be alone.

    But because I love him so much, I accept to continue our relationship. However, when he knows it he said I’m cheating on him because I move on too early. He was mad at me and said that he will find other girls and sleep with them to make me feel the same way. Then he will decide to marry me or not.

    After a few days, we kept continued our relationship. Everything same as before but he still can’t forget about it. He keeps mentioning finding another girl to make me jealous and hurt when I ask for marriage.

    And it hurt my feelings but I love him so much. How can I build his trust again? Why he can’t forgive me? I know my mistake but I can accept his mistake before why he can’t. I don’t know when should I wait for him.

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    Honey, why on earth will you entertain this man at all. You need to make him trust you? He needs to go to therapy for his jealousy. He ghosted you and you moved on. You don’t owe him a darn thing. Please go to therapy about why you would accept any of this!

    You both are in a codependent mess. Only you can decide if a man who has irrational jealousy is ok for you.

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    You posted this before & got a lot of great advice.

    Why are you still engaging with this twit?!

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    Agree with tallspicey. You did not cheat on him.. he ghosted you! If he really cared for you he wldnt hv gosted you. You dated another guy when the ex bf pulled a disappearing act on you! What were you supposed to do? Wait for the exbf for days weeks months years? Dont be silly. You did nothing wrong and u didnt cheat on him.

    How do you know for sure he won’t disappear again? Is there any sort of guarantee? Can you believe when he says that he wont disappear again? There are no guarantees. Just get it in ur head that you didnt cheat. And dont let him take you on a guilt trip that you cheated! Cause you didnt!

    Pls just let him be. In case he brings up the topic again, you can ask him why he ghosted?? He was the one to disappear. He should stop making you feel guilty when you hv done nothing wrng! Pls have faith in yourself and walk away if you need to.

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