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    This spring I met a guy who was very eager and interested in me. He literally chased me, and I liked the attention.
    We started flirting and when I started feeling that I liked him, he changed. He was very hot and cold all of a sudden.
    I didnt understand his behaviour and did what you’re not supposed to – got needy.
    He withdrew more and more until he told me while drunk that he was just interested in me physically.
    I asked him if he didnt have any romantic thoughts or feelings for me, and he said no.
    To stop from obsessing and getting more confused by this guy, I deleted his number.
    But he is still contacting me. Not in a booty-call way (which is not even possible since I live
    in another city. And he is sweet when he is texting me!
    What the hell is he doing?! I havent texted him first or replied him once after he said he doesnt like me
    so I really dont understand why we cant leave things?!

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    Elle Faye

    There are a few possible scenarios which could be happening here.

    1. He is acting desperate for your attention and wants to feel validated. Since he knows that you like him he’s targeting you to have someone to talk to and feel wanted.


    2. He misses you and doesn’t want to lose you.

    Do yourself a huge favor and don’t respond to his text messages. Be smart and move on.

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    I think he is fishing. Men enjoy the attention of women so they will toss out lines and see if she bites. Since he told you what he thinks of you when he was drunk, I would keep that at the forefront of my interactions with him. If he was really interested in you in a romantic sense he would have never said what he did. A man knows how to behave with a romantic interest and won’t risk turning her off.

    My guess he is tossing out a line and seeing how much attention and energy he can get from you.

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    From a male perspective i don’t believe he wants your attention but rather doesn’t want to lose you. It would be better to keep the text straight forward and if there is something he wants to tell you, he will definitely tell you and if he tries to flirt with you, try to friend zone him and this way he will either win you or you two weren’t meant to be together.

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    He told you straight forward that he is interested in you physically, that says it all. Move on, don’t let him confuse you. Probably he will keep trying to crack you, since you already gave him that feeling that you might be an easy target. You are better than this, I don’t know that dude but sounds like a f**boy to me. DON’T fall for his sweet charm, guys like that exactly know how to keep a girl, they know the right words etc. A men will respect and love you for who you are not downgrade you to just an sexual object.Don’t boost his self esteem even more, just move on

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    hi..this is Ariana..I love a guy.earlier we chatted a lot in facebook.after meeting me he didn’t contact with me as same as before he did..after that our communication restarted again..I proposed him..but he said that he wants to be frnds..but I stop all kinds of contacts with him.but he often txts nd tell that he cant think he don’t stop texting me..he misses me everday..I told him again what do you want..he said that he wanted to remain friends..so I am little bit confused..

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    He is being very clear. He only wants to be friends,

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    Mind games from him and for entertainment only most likely. Low ego men do it all the time for validation, to feed the ego.

    He is not bf material right now. Just be nonchalant & reply if you’re interested in the mind games. These guys have low self- esteem & don’t have the skills to attract women authenticity. Boys not men.

    It’s your choice but I would respond here & there if I was bored, while chatting with other prospects.

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    MariahJ, I would be up front with him. He was with you. I would tell him that he is only interested in you physically and you are looking for a relationship so to please stop contacting you as you are both looking for different things.

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    this was an ancient threat ladies. lol

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    Oh, lol Ariana didn’t start her own post she posted on an old one. Well I hope things worked out well for MariahJ.

    Ariana, don’t be confused. He has already told you he wants to be friends. He isn’t lying. Believe that and move on from this guy. You have feelings for him and I’m sorry but he doesn’t have them for you. He knows how you feel so he keeps you around for an ego boost. Don’t allow him to do that.

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