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    My bf goes MIA from time to time. I have a feeling that he needs some space and time to himself to chill and see his friends. He’s got some stuff going on at the moment but most of time ime. 5 or 6 days out the the week he makes sure to text me good morning/check in on me and give me a quick phone at lunch break and after work. We live about 1 1/2 hour away because of my training but I’ll be moving back once I’m done in a 8 months.

    We use to talk for hours before bed when we first became exclusive in march all the way to June. But now he’s usually tired from work and I’m usually swamped with work, studying or domestic chores.

    Is this normal? Is this just life? Or is he bored of me?

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    Also just to add:

    MIA for a day or two, not like a whole week. MIA as in zero text, not texting me back, not initiating at all, no phone calls.

    So at present he’s gone MIA again. Last time he’s done that was because he had something going on and I was home to see my folks. He said he didn’t wanna disturb me so he didn’t text or call.

    I told him it’s my mom’s birthday yesterday and we’ll be celebrating this weekend.

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    This does look like the same thing. That he leaves you alone because youre with family.
    I think in general its ok to skip a day now and then if he is acting Normal 95%. So i honestly cant understand why you ask if he is bored with you. Are you that insecure?
    But ldr take good and solid conversation skills and an effort to stay in touch. 8 months to go is a long time. Im in ldr half of the time. We are in touch daily. But i cant keep up with his level staying in touch. Sometimes i forget to reply or im busy with work. It has nothing to do with him or my level of interest. We do however ‘date’ on the Xbox, watching movies or tv shows and talk. For us that works really well, its planned and fun to do. Calling can get so forced you know. This is more fluent. So try to see If you can get more quality over kwantity

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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