He broke it off due to trust issues- is there any hope left?

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    I will say that this is a GREAT example of neediness.

    I always laugh when people freak out because “I can’t text my FWB a hello because he’ll think I’m needy”. The above is needy and crazy. The above girl is why guys call girls “needy” and “crazy”.

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    oh my god.. I know the start of this post was years ago but I would have done exactly the same and messaged him that . to me its disrespectful to have gone straight back in contact with her , knowing it can be seen, and knowing you would be thinking all sorts because of it.
    I’m going through the same thing. my insecurities have made my relationship end, but that was because he was writing ‘stunning’ on loads of girls pictures, and liking their posey selfies. he excused it with none of his other girlfriends ever cared , and that there is nothing in it by writing that. but again, to me it is veey disrespectful as doubt he would have liked that had it been the other way. anyway he said he would stop, but didn’t. so I pulled him up on it and got blocked from everything.

    yes there is obviously confidence issues with you and I both, but also we know what loyalty is in a relationship and when we don’t receive that it’s hurtful , as how can they not see the simplest of uneeded actions are going to cause a problem.

    hope all the women going through it find the strength and self worth to find men that simply adore us x

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    Though it’s been 2 years but I want to tell you that I know the feelings. I’ve just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years a few days ago with same issues. Our situation are very similar for more than 80%.

    However, my jealousy and insecurities are not from bad experiences in the past but from experiences of people around me. I witnessed many heartbreaks and heard more than enough about cheating, about unintentionally involvement.

    My boyfriend is very honest to me. He told me everything he did and I want to trust him.
    There’s no reason to doubt him anyway. Somehow, I always have doubts and I fully know it’s my biggest flaw. I cannot fully trust him and, trust me, I tried.

    Before you judge me, please hear me out. My boyfriend has so many female friends and he treats them the same way he treats me. It seems like he dates them. We fought a lot because I don’t like how he treated other girls the way he treats me. It’s like I’m his girlfriend but I’m no special. He once said to me that it’s not his fault that he’s friendly and I should trust him that he has no feelings toward those girls. The problem is my opinion, I’m his girlfriend and I think I should not have to fight for his attention. At the end, he chose me and promised that he will contact the girls less but he will not break off with them. I was not satisfied.

    We fought a lot and this issue was never solved. It’s kind of the wound that never heals because he always say that I think too much. You know the result for our fights as I wrote above, we broke up. I want to move on so much but he still wants us to be friends and send me messages everyday that he’s worried about me. I still love him but I’m hurt and need to shut my mind off. I don’t want to hear from him but I don’t want to ignore him. I’m afraid he will date one of those girls and forget me. It’s silly, right?

    I love him and I want another chance so bad but I respect his decision so I didn’t resist or beg him for another chance. Once my boyfriend made a decision, he won’t change it later. I know him. I, too, have my pride and I’ve decided that I won’t beg him to take me back though our separation hurts me so much.

    That’s my story.

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    Look i just had a similar situation happen. I saw a girl texted him and asked if he was seeing someone else. Well it ended up in a huge fight and he broke up with me. I had trust issues too. Give it time and work on yourself. Luckilly we still live and sleep next to each other. No were not back together but we are working on things and have a great friendship. Remaining friends has made me actually understand him more. He always mentions me still in the future so who knows what will happen between us. One thing for certain is I know I can trust him 100%. Insecurities will destroy you.

    Mod edit: Thanks for your encouraging words, Natilie! I hope things continue to get better for you.

    Everyone – keep in mind that this is an old discussion thread, so the OP has probably moved on and is hopefully in a better situation now. But if this story sounds familiar and you’d like to discuss it, please feel free to start a fresh new thread. Best wishes!

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