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    Yet again I’m inspired by some poster. She revealed she almost had a threesome and her boyfriend who did experiment a lot still can’t stop thinking about her almost experience.
    It is the norm? Do you think that all guys that know or heard of your ex boyfriend automatically friend zone you because they literally know that you two slept together and it repulses them?

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    The guy is a jerk…

    But- NEVER kiss & tell

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    I respectfully decline to answer any of your posts from now on

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    I’m with Newbie.

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    Of course I can’t speak for all men but I did dwell on an incident in my wife’s past but that was when we were dating. Of course I got over it.

    Most people, men and women, aren’t going into a relationship as virgins so it’s understood there’s a history for everyone. I never go into details, no matter how much my wife pried lol!

    In my experience in dealing with people I found men to have ego problems. I’ve heard guys say they want to know how their dick size measures up with other guys in a woman’s history. Just tell them they’re the biggest and best if that idiotic question ever comes up.

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    Its about boundaries. You girls are too easily led. Just because a man asks, or even brings up a topic,…

    You don’t have to go there. Stay in control. Hope this helps.

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    I’m genuinely puzzled. Why is it necessary to start another post about a post that’s still open for discussion?? Especially after the other one you started that turned into such a mess that the admin had to shut it down?

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    Agree with Newbie and Lane. No comment. However, I will say Avalanche is a suitable pseudonym for you. Everyone gets caught up in it and all goes downhill from here!! LOL

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