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    It is extremely rude of him not to answer for 2 days I would not have blown up at him but he’s no good anyways so you shouldn’t cry over spilled (and rotten!) milk. He doesn’t seem like a catch

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    To the woman who watched a guy dating and he ditched someone for speaking up and married the one who was a doormat… I would assume that most people have feelings for the people they’re dating. What you’re basically saying is that men don’t have such feelings… Which strikes me as odd, after all, they’re human right? They aren’t going to arbitrarily dump someone for not cleaning their kitchen if they have feelings for her. They aren’t emotionless robots doing endless calculations. I would assume they aren’t, anyway.

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    I simply love this discussion. It shows different perspectives. People just need to click and be compatible. Thanks for mentioning that players ghost on purpose to keep you on your toes. You can be busy and forget, that’s why it’s better to send a follow up question but be cautious. On one hand I hear all the time that guys don’t like to make plans and want spontaneity in a partner but on the other, we deserve the right to schedule weekend plans and shouldn’t wait for the “prince” to msg her last minute or not at all.
    My take is that he wasn’t really feeling it. You can be the most amazing person and the relationship doesn’t work.
    I’m guilty of screwing up just like you did. I’m also guilty of stringing along guys that I’m feeling kind of indifferent but still giving the chance if no one better comes along. I know from recent experience now that texting while angry is the worst thing one can do but I honestly don’t want a guy who can’t make plans, disappears for some time with no explanation. I deserve more. If you were angry it’s probably because there was imbalance in your relationship. You wanted him more that he wanted you.
    I agree about the “aura” and that men pick it up. It’s difficult to hide though, any ideas? (You can not text/speak but your vibe like in the animal kingdom) what to do with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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