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    Hello, i want to tell my relationship that i have been observed and want to know your opinions. Please let me know. Thank you.

    i have a 2 years best friend. At first, he made a really bad impression to me. But, we suddenly become close because of the all of classes we took in college 90% same. We sudeenly made a team to join a competition and i was the one who ask him without any other intention beside to win. We really become closer after join the competition because i know all of his weakness through the journey.

    My mixed feeling starts there. I never made an effort to close to him. He was the one who tells me all his story from the private things about his family to the unimportant things like the people he saw a moment ago. So, i also tell him my story.

    The special case here that he is emotionally unstable and i am the one who deal with it everytime he is in his weak side beside his mother. He often tell me what he feel without being asked. He let me know his worse condition.

    He helped me with my tasks in college when i got super busy. We even have the same dream and plan together about the organization in college. That moment, i know i began to have feeling toward him because he really know how my feeling and my habbit. But i dont want a relationship with him to avoid being unprofessional in works and i still dont know how his feeling toward me. I chose to just let it be.

    At a time, i went overseas for a week and leave him struggle with the job we did together. I always asked about how can i help through chat but he said to focus on my trip. In my way to back home, he often ask my position and condition. Untill i met him, he still acted like he is okay althought i know that he was not okay. Suddenly, he told me that he was stressed when i left him. He didnt know what is this but he became overly sensitive with other people. I was surprised, Because i was just trying to move on. So, i jokely asked him if he missed me, he was just quite and smile awkwardly.

    I know that i still like him and hard to make a gap with him because the project we had. I adore him and want to close with him every time. Do you think he likes me now or not?

    What should i do to move on when we really together all the time. Even people out there always asked if we develop romantic relationship.

    He is nice to everyone and have some girl best friends from his high school.

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    I met a guy online –we really liked each other, but each had big life issues, parents dying lawsuits, and while we started to get together, it never went to the next level. Somehow, I was never available to meet for his last-minute requests At some point, he told me he was not date ready, and friendzoned me, yet started to date a woman 20 years younger. Once he told me this, I backed off and told him I wanted a relationship with a guy and wished him luck. He neglected to listen and contacted me even more once I told him I was dating someone else. Then he started to text me while out with her. Overtime, I got upset and basically told him i was going away – until he slowly got the picture and now contacts me about 1/week or so. I don’t understand if a guy is in a relationship, why he contacts another girl. Is this such a thing as a platonic relationship or i am naive?

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    @syad I don’t see how he is anything but a friend from college? Has he done anything to make you think he is romantically interested? I mean i have friends that i miss and talk to about my issues, but that doesnt mean i am romantically interested in them.

    @Rhonda start your own thread. You ll get more answers this way. Also that guy just sounds like a time waster who likes you to stoke his ego once in a while

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