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    My friend/roommate’s brother spends a lot of time hanging out with me and his sister at our apartment. We get along really well & he’s asked me to go on a date with him. I really want to go but I’m afraid that this would upset my friend and potentially damage our friendship if something bad were to happen between me and her brother. He’s a very nice guy, we have a lot in common & I could really see some potential with him. Am I being silly to consider how my friend would feel about this? Should he bring this up to his sister or should I?

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    I think you have a lot of insight as to what could go wrong if you do end up dating; and then it goes down hill.

    I would ask her what her thoughts are on her brother and you going on a date. She probably knows him pretty well, and whether it would be a good idea or not. She may not want to go down that road with you, especially since you live together, if she’s gone down it with other friends in the past, so will need to take her thoughts and feelings into consideration since you live together.

    Its a touchy one for sure. Just be aware of how badly it could go for all of you, if you and he do end up in a relationship, then break up badly. Not saying it will happen or even get that far but its definitely a delicate situation, with all kinds of variables, which is why you really should discuss it with his sister first, as you don’t want to create waves in their family dynamic or potentially lose a friend/roommate either—lots to consider.

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    Talked to my friend. She actually thought it was a great idea for her brother and I to go on a date. So we will be going out tomorrow evening.
    Any advice on going on a date with someone you already know a lot of things about? Since we aren’t just getting to know each other I’m afraid things will moved FAST.

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    It is up to you to set the pace of the relationship. I would wait until he is calling you his girlfriend before you are intimate.

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