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    I am pretty experienced when it comes to dating, but we all make mistakes. I recently started talking to a guy, who I realised messaged me few times in 2019, but I wasn’t interested at that time. So we started texting etc and were supposed to be meeting last Sunday for a walk (lockdown), but I told him if the weather is nice. Because I live in England the weather was crap of course lol so he said we should postpone it and he is going to leave it with me but it would be good to finally meet me.
    I sort of changed the subject and did not mention anything about meeting him and we stopped texting.
    question here is: do I wait for him to ask me or should I text him let’s say Thursday and ask if he is free ?
    thank you

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    I’m confused, why did you change the subject & not accept his invitation to meet?

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    because I didn’t really take this as an invitation, he just said I’ll leave it with you, it would be good to finally meet you. Hard to explain why I did what I did hah

    I had something done to my neck so I look pretty bad , in fact I can barely move my neck so I definitely wouldn’t want to meet him in such state and I have no idea if this is going to heal within a week so I didn’t want to say let’s meet next weekend because I don’t know how I am going to feel.

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    You didn’t show interest in rescheduling. You should just tell him you hurt your neck and would still like to meet him too, and when you’re feeling better will let him know when you’re free. And then continue texting a bit in the meantime so he doesn’t assume you’re making a slow fade excuse to get out of it.

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    well I did text him yesterday and we are both free this Sunday, we said what time, but haven’t decided where to meet yet. I just have a weird feelings that we are not going to meet , too many men disappeared on me in the past

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    You are grossly over invested in this. He bails, he bails, so what. Please look up anxious attachment. You need to work on you.

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    I’m not the greatest at relationship advice but I would just text him Friday or Saturday to see if he was still up for meeting on Sunday. See what he says. He will either respond or he won’t.

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