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    Recently me and my boyfriend moved in with his friend, as we didn’t have any other options. I was nervous to do so because his friend sleeps around and brings new girls home often and was worried my boyfriend would see that and think that behavior is cool and want it too. My boyfriends friend does bring hot chicks over often with their perfect bodies and it makes me feel so insecure and ugly around my boyfriend. Last night we were talking and his friend says “can we talk about how hot so and so is?” Trying to get a reaction out of my boyfriend. My boyfriend didn’t say anything but I know he would have had I not been there. I got upset and told my boyfriend that I feel ugly and don’t know how I’m supposed to compete with that. He reassured me that I have no competition and he wants me forever. I know my boyfriend gets tired of me getting upset over my insecurities and don’t want it to ruin our relationship. What do I do, why am I like this and so insecure?

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    Move out and go work on your body for you

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    Girl ! Look at it that way ! They might be hot but they are singles/don’t have a loving relationship like you have . Trust me some hot girls would swap their bodies for a loving boyfriend if they could!
    So appreciate what you have and don’t feel insecure

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    Insecurities can definitely mess up relationships. I dated a guy briefly once who was short. It didn’t bother me in the least but it bothered him so much so that he complained about it all the time and went so far as to wear inserts in his boots to make him taller. It really messed my head up the first time he took off his shoes. That insecurity overshadowed many other things that could have been good in the relationship.

    You should figure out where your insecurities are stemming from and talk to a professional therapist. You can start with daily affirmations and stop comparing yourself to other women. Beauty on the outside only lasts so long but beauty from the inside lasts forever.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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