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    So my boyfriend saw these wipes in my bathroom that I purchased called “Dude Wipes”. I was in target and thought, oh these are flushable…some reason I didn’t see any others. I had no idea these are specifically for guys. My boyfriend started thinking I had some guy over or the wipes were a guys…I tried explaining and he was bent out of shape for a little, not wanting to be intimate with me. Finally, he told me that he just got a little jealous…I felt like such a fool after a guy friend of mine explained to me they were designed specifically for men. Any thoughts?

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    So you’re actually dating a girl …?

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    Huh? I’m a female dating a guy…how did that get misconstrued?

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    Thoughts on what?

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    Anon don’t beat yourself over an innocent mistake…you explained to him it was a mistake if anything you should have laughed and said “here take them with you next time I will read the label”. If your boyfriend has no reason not to trust you then he will let this go. There are many products out there that for both men/women, if he is that insecure then that may be a bigger problem.

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    Stephanie Malkowski

    Pretty sure Raven was making a joke. Because the way your guy reacted was kind of dramatic lol…

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    Just the name -dude wipes – sounds disgusting really. Why would you buy that?

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