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    My boyfriend has been a lot meaner to me. He use to make jokes but i could tell when they were jokes. Now its just plain mean and rude. He calls me bro, he says i sound stupid and when i tell him i miss him he says “I dont know what to say. Thank you? Lol” I asked if this is a joke and if he’s not feeling me anymore just let me know, he said “Saying I miss you is so cliche”. And i asked why does it feel that way. He sent me an eye rolling emoji.

    I don’t know whats going on, and why it feels like he hates me so much. The only thing i can say we quarrelled about was that i told him he’s not there for me as he doesn’t priorities me at all and im always the one asking to see him. However, when i do see him, he’ll hold my hand at night when we sleep. I am confused. Is he cheating? Does he want out? Or is it the simple fact that he can’t tell me straight up he doesn’t love me.

    I feel so hurt that I don’t even know how to treat him now. I just feel like staying quiet and fall back 2 steps and see what he does, at the same time i want to tell him it’s over, but at this time I’m not sure how i feel about that yet. Been together 9 months. We already met each other’s family.

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    I’m sorry, that sounds terrible. I understand why you want to try to hold onto this and try to make sense of his behavior.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but you’re describing a bad relationship that’s not worth saving, and no additional details are going to change that.

    This relationship is over. It doesn’t matter whether he’s cheating, or wants out, or whatever. You may wonder about it and try to analyze it, but that’s a mistake. It’s a mistake to analyze these things, because they really, really don’t matter. What matters is you’re in a relationship which won’t go anywhere and you’re continuing to feed his ego.

    You have to break up, and move on. He’ll probably say mean things and blame you for the breakup. Whatever, he doesn’t matter. Break up and move on. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll feel better. Then you can find someone else who actually wants a real grown-up relationship with you.

    In the meantime, take care of yourself, and be strong!

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