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    I have recently moved away from my ex. We were living together before even though we weren’t together. Went on trips together. Fought a lot. Then I decided to move houses. I am back home and preparing for an exam. I can hardly focus on studies. My mind is totally hijacked by thoughts of my ex. I just anyhow want him back. It’s difficult going through each day knowing he’s not mine. Any tips on how to not let my love life affect my normal life and studies. I am 27. He is 28.

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    At such times i think physical workouts help.. join a gym. Go for reg jogging, hiking etc. Hang out and talk to frnds and family to help you deal wid breakup when you have time. Ensure you wknd is filld with activities. Or if you hv to study and cant focus, do it in a library.

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    Well, Break ups are hard!

    Remember that you broke up for a reason.
    When your mind starts wandering, make it get back to subject.

    Maybe try a break up journal. Get all of the stuff floating around in your head out on paper. That way you’re not keeping it inside.

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    Breakup journal sounds like a good idea. It’s more like I feel I just have to have him. Feel too obsessed. So upset that I am even taking bad treatment from his end. I so want to stop. But I have no strength to go through no contact.

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    Write it down, get it out of your head… it’s like a detox.

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