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    I had been dating this guy for the last month and a half. Things were amazing, honestly, he was the best guy I had ever met! We were so compatible and spent time together multiple times a week, every time I saw him he’d say how much he missed me. We both live and work in NYC and when the corona virus broke out I went home to be with my parents in another state, he did the same. We continued to speak until he didn’t answer me for a few days and then reappeared telling me he had too much on his plate right now, is very overwhelmed with the virus and taking care of his parents, as well as the fact that we didn’t know when we would both be back in the same city. We haven’t spoken since do you think there is hope that after this we can work things out and get back together?

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    I am so sorry. That is very difficult. You should assume it is over.

    That said, extraordinary times means extraordinary measures.

    Just leave him be. And when you go home, and most people are back, send him this (one time contact as weird time Hail Mary):

    “Finally back in NY, and just thought about (xyz show or book or band) that I (binged, read, or heard) while we were all hunkered down. I thought you would love it, so check it out! Hope everything turned out ok :-)!“

    You send this once and if he does not respond, or wushy washy, you let it drop like a hot potatoe.

    What you are hoping for is “thank you so much, I checked it out, how have you been?”

    Let him take it from there!

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    We have no idea, but you do get one chance later to nudge it because, well, quarantine means new rules ;). Take good care of you and yours!

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    I think his statements make sense. Its overwhelming especially dealing with caring for others plus usa is not half prepared for whats still to come. Keeping in touch on a regular bases now without any real progress dating wise makes little sense. Its too bad for the timing but even without Corona you wouldnt have known at this point if it would have become a relationship. I dont think its impossible though in a few months from now to get in touch and check in.

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