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    Is it my imagination or are most ‘How to get them’ books, websites, videos focus on how to get ‘that man’ to come to or back to you?

    Even looking around this site, it’s target audience is women. Why is this? Why do women put themselves in these stupid situations where they have to google advice, spells, tricks, games to play, flirtation tips? I know some men come here for help but it really seems to be the exception.

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    I guess to put this another way… When will women learn they have all the power?!

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    The human experience is incredibly vast. Like, really, really vast.

    People are born with very different capabilities to understand their fellow humans. Some people are a lot better about it than others. Some people aren’t taught well by their peers or caretakers while growing up. Some people intentionally want specific things and believe that Magical Thinking will give them their desires, and eventually struggle with the limitations of reality. They end up wanting to find answers. In these modern times, they google (or bing, LOL j/k) their question; hence, websites like these exist.

    I think also some women attempt to treat relationships as if they’re power plays instead of partnerships, and that can lead to some unneeded drama. The self-help books exist to guide people into understanding behaviors different than their own and to seek partnerships, not dominance.

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    Interesting question. I too am not sure why a woman wants to “catch a man” who doesn’t want to be caught by her? Waste of time and energy IMO. It has nothing to do with power but biology.

    I don’t think you are seeing the full picture as men have most of the power today. Women truly are having a really hard time meeting men who are ready to or wanting to settle down today. Women have a biological clock; a strong biological NEED to get married and have children. Unfortunately, due to societal changes, there’s no longer a stigma attached to single men (fka “bachelors”) to get married and start a family so women are stuck between a rock and a hard spot—a ticking bio clock with too many men who want to stay single and play the field today.

    The ladies who come on here are often desperate to catch or keep a guy as they have been through the ringer with men who just want sex or short-term companionship commonly referred to as “timewasters” or “timekeepers”. So the answer is no, women do not have all the power—just a biological desire to find a mate and/or procreate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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