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    At first, he told me he logged on by accident bc his pant pocket slipped into the app. But he was caught texting someone on there. He just told me it’s a friend, and that he’s rejected sex offers from other women. Wtf is he doing, and am I right that he is most likely looking for other options/is cheating? I want to dump him, but want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

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    Do you really need to ask???? There’s only one reason someone is on those apps and it’s not looking for “friends.” The app shouldn’t even be on his phone if you’ve been together for a while. And he’s a giant liar all the way around – told you one big lie and then an even bigger lie when you caught him redhanded. Why would you think you’re not doing the right thing by dumping?? Would YOU be hanging on on a dating app only looking for “friends”?? Get rid of this guy, yesterday. Cut him off. Don’t listen to his BS. Messaging people on dating apps is CHEATING.

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    Liz Lemon

    Why hasn’t he deleted the app from his phone if he’s in a committed relationship with you?

    OK Cupid is a dating app, period. It’s not an app where people go to look for “friends”.

    So yes, I’d say he’s looking for other options.

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    You already know the answer to this question… Drop him like a hot skill!

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    Dump him now! He’s still shopping around and is wasting your time.

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    At the very best, in this context friends means “more women to give me validation and attention” (either because he’s insecure and has issues with intimacy, or simply because he’s a jerk). With the lying about the app and denying it until he got caught, he’s more likely shopping. Either way, he’s selfish and an awful partner for you. NEXT.

    Ask yourself why you’re even doubting or second guessing yourself? That’s the more important question here.

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    (I also agree with AngieBaby that no matter what, even if he has no real intention to meet and hook up, he’s emotionally cheating.)

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