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    My bf and I have been together 1year and 3 months. He’s mentioned marriage, which I’m not ready fir I need more time. We have weathered storms and mistrust and situations well, with open communication and blunt honesty. He is emotionally there for me and I’m there for him in ways he needs. We have each met each others family and spend almost every day together except for last wknd when I just needed a break. Long story short-I have not been happy in the bedroom. It’s been a week and a day and we haven’t had sex. Granted he wanted to on Saturday but I was busy at home and didn’t want to go over. But here’s why:
    He has a a back injury. So I get he can’t do much. But in the beginning of our relationship he didn’t everything. Now it’s missionary and then I suck him off. That’s it. Then he goes to smoke. Then comes back and cuddles or we talk. I’m not happy. I’m used to more variety. More stamina. Me not having to get lock jaw every time we have sex. One day last week he was drunk and we did missionary then he finished. And I didn’t. And I was happy he did because I’m just wanting to have sex any longer.
    Then I remember the beginning and I asked him why he switched it up and he kind of snapped at me and said “give it time” I ignored it. He’s also a very sexual person. He teases me and is very affectionate and then nothing. We take showers together-nothing.
    I’m not overweight. I have an hourglass figure. He loves my body. So it’s not that. He gets hard when we walk in the street but not when I push myself against him in bed?
    How do I bring this up without hurting his already bruised ego? I did say nicely how we haven’t had sex and he said well you could initiate. Problem is last time I did he said “oh wait can we go eat first?” That upset me. And I’m just confused and wondering if it’s me…help…
    We are both in our mid-40’s. He’s on antidepressants I’m not. Guess that’s important also.

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    We are all different but to me your post sounded confusing because i felt there is a lot of sex, just not the type you want. But the type you want you cant get atm since he has a back injury. To me that makes sense im why he cant do all variations and also why you ask now about it and he said: give it time. Referring to his back injury i assume.
    So very patient about his injury you are not. But i also understand why you dont want to end it orally every time. I wouldnt do that.
    Explore tantra sex. You dont even have to actual have sex for that. Or talk dirty sex. Find stuff that protects his back and is exiting.

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