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    I’ve known this guy for a good few years.

    We’ve shared 2 kisses in that time, both pretty drunk each time.

    Over the Last year me, him and a few others have became a tight group of friends.

    Its no secret im attracted to him. But its never became more before so I’ve never acted on it.

    More recently we’ve been spending more time alone, like going for dinners, watching films, trips out, spending time with his sibling and their partner for games night. Cuddling up and falling asleep. Making alot of future plans to do things.

    I don’t ever make a move. Neither does he.

    Our mutual friend is convinced he likes me but if he did surely he would have made a move by now?

    I don’t know how to read this situation. Help?

    I love spending time with him wether it’s just us or a group and I don’t want to ruin that but can’t help that I like him more then a friend.

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    This is very similar to another post. If he were interested he would ask you out. He likes you as a friend and is flattered by your attraction to him but that’s all.

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    To be blunt, this seems like friends with (PG-13) benefits. I’d put my money on him never making a move because he doesn’t want to but he sure does enjoy all the attention, company and non-committal dynamic of this pseudo-friendship.

    Trust me I wanted to do these exact same things with a girl who was interested in me. And who I found attractive. But my annoying conscience woke up and I realized what my true intentions were to rebound her hard. And nothing more would ever happen. I felt obligated to be candid to her and no surprise, she said she needed commitment and bam she was gone. I cried in the fetal position that night alone in bed….. minus the crying.

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    ask him

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    A guy will let you know if he wants to date you . Anything else , just assume it’s for fun and for now only . No need to fret about it , if it’ll happen he will make it happen and there’s not much you can do to change that , particularly if you’ve already been friends for awhile .

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