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    So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years…long distance. He now lives in Cali. I live back east but will be moving to the west coast as well soon. He visited his parents in Arizona for Thanksgiving and returned back to Cali yesterday. Side Note: I haven’t been back with him to Arizona since Dec 2017 but will be spending this Christmas/New Years there this year.

    So this morning I received a message via email that some attempted to sign into my email account this morning at 7:12am PST. The message referenced the IP address, an abbreviated name of the device and the location to be in Arizona. Is there any reason I should believe this to be a coincidence or am I paranoid thinking if not him but someone associated with him attempted to get into my email for whatever reason…any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Hi Anon, I have an account on such platform that gives me data about where my viewers are from. That is, every time someone even google searches my name, I get an alert and I know where this person is based. And I’m also in a long-distance relationship. If I was analyzing this every time I get an alert (that’s normally several times a day), I would go crazy. My point is, you cannot waste your energy on such trivial random things. If it worries you a lot, just tell your boyfriend about this and see what he says or how he reacts.

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    I’ve had my email for over a decade and never received such emails. Yet after my breakup I got a sign in attempt from Capetown, SA. Random country and I know no one from there, but I know location can be spoofed easily. I was quite intrigued, but chalked it up to coincidence.

    If you want to ask him, try not accusing him and instead asking if he knows who/what it could be since it’s Arizona aka his state. Did you accidentally leave your email logged in one one of his devices? I wouldn’t think that would prompt the email but you never know.

    Increase your email security level by adding some authentication and you have nothing to worry about.

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    This is very serious, as he was attempting yo hack into your email account… whoever it is.

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    Better off single

    Could be anybody. Trust nobody.

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    Liz Lemon

    Do you have any reason to think he might be trying to break into your email? Do you two have trust issues?

    It might just be a coincidence. If you have the IP address, you can Google the exact location and find the city (not just the state). That way you can see if it happened in his parents’ town, or some other location.

    One possibility is that someone with an email address similar to yours made a typo and tried to log in using your email by accident. So for example, if your email is, maybe someone with an email like tried to log in, and made a typo and put the wrong address. That would be a totally innocent mistake. The fact that it was only one attempt would make me think it wasn’t someone actually trying to break into your email. Maybe it was just someone who made an error.

    I have had notifications from Gmail when I’ve logged in to check my email from a new device (a computer I’ve never logged into before). Gmail is pretty vigilant about that. So i have received similar emails but they have always been legit, that is, I had logged in from a new computer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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