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    Two days ago, I was at a gathering. My friend introduced me to her single guy who is fully ready to date again. We bonded throughout the party and we did a group game together. He asked for my contact before I left and he promised to call me. Later that night, he called me and we talked for 20 minutes. I like the guy since we have similar interests. However, he only called that night. He didn’t call me the day after and I don’t know if he will call me today.
    Generally, I avoid bonding with men to avoid heartbreaks and for some months now, I’ve been very peaceful. But that one night, I decided to let my guard down and interact with this guy but he doesn’t call me a second time. What’s wrong?
    I know there is the option of me calling him but I wonder if it’s worth the risk. What would I even tell him? That I like him and decided to call because he isn’t calling back?
    Anyway, my mind is all over. Why isn’t he calling me again? Does he like me? Would he want me to call him? Was I stupid to express interest in a guy?

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    Calm down! You are way too invested in a guy that is essentially a stranger! It’s been one day since he called you.. that is no time at all.

    You seem highly anxious. I think you need to look into what is causing that because if you can’t handle a man not calling two days in a row then dating is going to be really tough for you and you’ll be constantly anxious which is a total vibe repellent for men.

    Just relax. If he calls or texts just be warm and receptive. Mirror his behaviour.

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    I will relax. It’s not like me to behave like that for a man.

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