Will he miss me and come back after breaking up with me?

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    My bf of 1 yr broke up with me, said i didnt trust him and he couldn’t do this anymore..he said he was blocking me and we were done dont call or text him and he means it..i just want to kno if he will miss me.

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    Maybe- maybe not…
    Why didn’t you trust him?

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    I confronted him about a pic i saw a woman driving his car

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    So why do you want someone back you don’t trust …?

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    I’d give it a few days. People get angry and then unblock you after a while.

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    I would suggest you connect with him after 2 weeks. by thn he may have cooled down. but if he still doesn’t talk to you than that means he really wants to cut off from you. you may hv no option thn but to respect his decision and let things be.

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    He could be with the lady who was driving his car! In such a position that man will never hear from me again! He would need to be the one to reach out, beg for forgiveness, and step way up by proving to me he can be trusted, if not, bye-bye. Life’s hard enough, why make it harder if you have to spend your time stalking your man—don’t have time for that nonsense.

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    He was supposed to be begging for your forgiveness. And he blocked you? NEXT

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    Yeah i never understood…you did what u did i found out and you break up with me and block me? It doesnt maken sense..then told me how awful i was for assuming and accusing him hes not a liar hes a good man…

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    Does he want me to chase him…beg and plead that i trust him and i wont do it again?

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    No! Men do not respect a woman who grovels or pleads for them to come back especially when they not only dump her but treats her so disrespectfully. When a man has lost all respect and/or love for a woman then its over in his mind and there is nothing she can say to change it once it has been made.

    If the women was the one to do the breaking up and the man still loved her very deeply only then do she have a shot of getting him back only if she can convince him she would never hurt him like that again. However if the man does the breaking up then he needs to be the one to convince the woman he made a terrible mistake, that she’s the love of his life and the only woman he wants to be with.

    He does not have the love or respect for you that he needs to admit he made a terrible mistake and fight for you and the relationship. The danger a woman faces in these predicaments is that if it doesn’t work pout with the other lady, he will magically pop back in and come up with some lame excuse BUT it is most likely for the reasons you hope, such as him realizing he made a terrible mistake and wanting to try again but getting you to stroke his hurt ego where he will use you and then toss you to the side the moment he realizes you want more than he is wanting or willing to offer you, such a relationship.

    I highly suggest your RESIST any and all attempts to reach out to him. I also highly suggest you RESIST stroking his ego if it doesn’t work out with the other lady. Unless he is apologizing and stepping way up to prove to you he made a horrible mistake, is in love with you and only you and that he wants another chance to PROVE to you that he means it, you don’t give him a second of your time or attention! Take your power back and always stand up for yourself because people, including him, will use and abuse you if you don’t.

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    What was the result of the confrontation regarding the car? I’m interested, because I’ve borrowed cars from my male friends -not very often but it happens- and there’s no way I’m sleeping with any of them. Actually, one of them taught me how to drive, and another how to master reverse parking. Other than that, you guys seem to be a toxic pairing -anger issues + alcoholism- and I think you’ll do better healing and expecting to find someone who by no means triggers your traits. Good luck!

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    This is so confusing! All you have is a picture of a woman driving his car? Are you sure it’s his car? A lot of cars look alike. I have on occasion allowed people at work to borrow my car to run get lunch, go to the bank etc if they are without a car because their’s was in the shop getting worked on. I don’t think that by itself is a sign he’s messing around on you. How did you get this picture?

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