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    Hello ..I’ve posted a few weeks ago and I’m feeling a lot a lot better but still chews me up why he kept me on social media after ghosting me? ( 5 weeks ) I finally delete him because I thought why should you ghost me and still see what I’m up too.
    He was on my Facebook and still looked at all of my snaps on snaochat ..why do that if you’ve ghosted me? Because you don’t want me anymore (he was dating someone else ) probably met her a week before I was ghosted.
    Wouldn’t you just remove me from everything?
    It’s bugging me

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    If he wasnt that attached to you, he probably doesnt feel much when he sees your social stuff. You did the right thing deleting him

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    I just thought it was odd that he kept viewing all my snapchats after he stopped texting /calling/dating me

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    It is a bit odd but its meaningless anyway. I dont know the history but i wouldnt rule out he will contact you again with a lame hi, to try to get in your pants when he is bored

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    Basically we were seeing each other for 4 months..officially together but a hour apart.
    He ghosted me and I found out he was seeing another woman a few days later who lived the same area.

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    Im sure in the previous threat you posted it was mentioned that guys usually make up their mind if they really really want to be in the relationship. I guess in your case it was a no, and he is lame for not saying it. It can happen to the next girl too.
    Im glad you blocked him and i hope you can continue getting over it. Playing detective is not unusual for girls but fruitless. Just say to yourself you dont want a guy that doesnt want you many times a day and it will get easier

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    Many “men” (I use this term loosely), like to keep women on a back burner for when they are bored and lonely.

    Read the “how do I do dump her” post.

    It’s an ego and thing and only for their own benefit.

    Any guy who would ghost me would be immediately deleted (and blocked) from him everything.

    No second chances. They have shown their a$$. I don’t want to see it again

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    My guess is he is keeping the connection in case he regrets things. If things don’t work out with the new girl, it’s an easy way for him to get back in touch.

    Good for you for severing that connection. The universe often has a way to reward you for making definitive steps to move forward.

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    He told me he had cheated on Exs before and had a history of lots of short term things so I’m telling myself try not to take it personally and maybe he just has a wandering eye.
    I wouldn’t of been as hurt if he hadn’t of told me I was a keeper and seen a future.

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    I feel better for deleting him,I don’t need a reminder that he thought he could do better.

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    Is his name John?

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    Hahahah alia, i thought the same thing but im not responding to that nonsense post

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    When a man tells you he’s cheated and mostly had short term flings, he’s giving you the gift of showing its big red flags up front

    That is someone to walk away from. Not get involved with!

    Please recognize this for any future prospects

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    No he’s name isn’t John?why John?i don’t want to say his name ..then again he will never see this.
    I posted a few weeks ago he has 2 kids,1 he isn’t allowed to see and no car etc
    Don’t know if you can remember it,I feel better anyway just still think about why he would look at my snapchat etc

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    Phillygirl-you gave me some good advice last time as well along with lane and Shannon,it really helped me and I know now about red flags etc

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    I think I thought it would be different with me because he liked me etc,obviously that wasn’t the truth

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    Lol the John is a joke: how to dump my gf. Its another threat.
    Yeah i remember that loser. Who lived with his parents. Only red flags. He did you a huge favour with ghosting on you. I remember me and a few others saying this guy was bad news all over the place. Im so sorry you still cant see that and only sorry that another girl was better than you. You really need to adress your selfesteem if guys like that can creep in your life.

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    @Louisa there is another thread with a man named John, who needs to break up with a woman and he is instead choosing ghosting thinking it will keep his options open.

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    @Newbie – John seemed genuine he first couple posts, then ,as someone pointed out, turned very quickly into a mike.

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    Ghosting is the worst option – it made me feel I was surpluse to him,disposable etc,not that my self esteem was great to begin with.
    I think every post told me he was bad news,did me a favour and I think deep down I know that,it’s just the horrible rejection feeling that I’m finding hard to deal with.
    I do feel a bit better.
    He was boring as well,lazy etc..couldn’t be bothered to go out,playing on phone all day every day.
    Wish I could meet someone nice,I’m on tinder but after talking for 15 minutes I’m getting
    “Do you want to come over”
    “Send me a pic”
    Total creeps

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    Louisa. Of course YOU are different. What isn’t different is HIM.

    This is such a common mistake. Women hope they (just by next being the amazing woman they are) will miraculously turn a turd into a Prince.

    It does not happen. This is where self esteem drives success or failure.

    A woman with healthy self-esteem looks at a guy like that and says to herself “hell no-ain’t wasting time with that”. Someone who is strufywirh that thinks “maybe I can change him”.

    This isn’t an insult just an observation on how lack of self esteem is DIRECTLY tied to lack of good boundaries.

    This man baby was never worth a micro second of your time

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    “strufywirh”??? That was struggling! Haha. Sorry about the typos. I go lightening speed on my phone

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    Forget that pathetic coward and stop caring why he does what he does. A decent guy would not ghost on a woman after 4 months. Block and delete him and if he ever shows up, I hope you know what to do.

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    Louisa, if this guy stood out for you compared to the rest of the morons, then your guy radar is waaaaay off. I think you shouldnt date at all, because you’ll attract another loser who will take a toll on your selfesteem again. You dont want to get in a downward spiral. You have a kid right? Focus on him. He gives you all the love you need for now. You have to realize that you dont need a man to make you happy. Thats your job. Go to local events and socialize. Tinder is a devil app if you dont know how to weed out red flag men

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    With him we met on tinder but he was respectful (at first )
    We spoke for a month before meeting,he never said anything rude etc no asking for pics just seemed genuine.
    Told me he was looking for a relationship and was a nice guy and how lucky I was to have met him etc
    The first month was fab,out here there and everywhere
    Then he told me about the kids,no car no place of his own ..by this point I had fell for the person he pretended to be ..then he turned lazy,came over looking scruffy,stains on his clothes etc etc ..stupidly I thought he was just getting comfortable with me.

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