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    My ex broke up with me over a year ago, we still follow each other on social media. A few months after our breakup he started liking all my posts on social media and reached out to me through text a few times. We got back together very briefly this passed winter for a few weeks but then broke up again because we want different things. About a month ago he started “liking” my posts again (especially the selfies). While I don’t thinking an ex liking a random post is indicative of anything, I do think liking your exes selfies (especially one where they’re in a bathing suit) isn’t all that innocent. Does this mean he’s about to try to pop back into my life again?

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    Most likely he will if you allow it. If you are truly done with the relationship I highly suggest unfollowing/removing him from all your social media channels. This way he won’t be in your head whenever you see that “like” and it’ll help you move on from him. You also won’t be able to go to his page to see what he is up to and possibly be hurt by something you’d see.

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    I guess the reason Keeping him on my social media doesn’t really bother me all that much is because he doesn’t really post much, so my only reminder of him being there is when he “likes” a post of mine.

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    Why do you care? Are you starving for attention or need an ego fix? Why do you want stay in contact with “popcorn man?”

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    He’s playing mind games with you by hovering.
    He’s doing the bare minimum, meaning he’s not really interested but he just needs you all ready and lined up in case of a rainy day.

    I’d say ignore him but his mind games seem to be confusing you now, which is what he wants. I’d say unfriend him and Unfollow or just block his behind.

    Don’t reward inconsistent,lazy and insincere men with your time and attention.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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